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should i buy dehydrated food, or prepare it myself? - where can i buy a dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-11
should i buy dehydrated food, or prepare it myself?  -  where can i buy a dehydrator
If you buy dehydrated food, you're actually paying someone extra for something you can do on your own.
It's not always a bad idea because the people you will buy dehydrated food from them are experts in this area.
They know what they are doing and do well.
If you buy dehydrated food from the well, the product you will receive
The company will be healthy, delicious and consistent in quality.
But if you go home
Prepare, instead of buying dehydrated foods, you save money and learn a practical skill that is very valuable.
With a little help and practice, almost anyone can learn how to prepare their own dehydrated products without having to buy dehydrated foods from commercial sources.
A large amount of expensive equipment is often required to prepare dehydrated food.
Most companies selling dehydrated food use expensive large vacuum chambers.
Most of the work on these devices can be done at home, despite a bit of trial and error.
Make a small amount of dehydrated food with minimal time, money and hassle.
This is a very good option if you have the ability to buy a small food dehydrator --
The person who paid the dividend immediately.
To prepare dehydrated food, you need to choose the food you want to store
Apples, carrots and potatoes are a great choice for frozen foods.
Drying, as well as cutting pieces of any fruit, vegetable or meat, will help with common dehydration.
You need to find the right perforated metal tray.
An ideal one made of wire mesh, but a cookie chip is fine if there is nothing else convenient.
Freeze and dry vegetables or fruits and slice them as thin as possible;
If you can make a slice of paper
It's better to be thin to translucent.
The thinner the slice, the faster and more thorough the freeze will be.
It is wise to use a food processor for efficiency, consistency and speed;
Some fruits and vegetables change color quickly when sliced and exposed to air.
Putting them in a plate of water helps prevent oxidation.
Align the slices to the tray and put the tray into the fridge for about half an hour or no matter how long it takes them to freeze the solids, but you'll want to put them in the fridge for a week, then they will dry.
Once again, it is better to use a perforated or mesh tray.
After the process is completed, store the slices in the marked Air
Plastic freezer bag or container.
See how simple this is?
Here are a few very important points: it's better to use a big chest --style freezer -
The kind that will be used for a long time
Regular storage in a garage or basement-
For home freezingdrying.
Not only do they have more space available, but they are not used as frequently as the vertical freezers in the kitchen, which means that the food is not constantly disturbed.
Another good idea is to freeze with a newly thawed refrigerator
Bask in food at home.
Before starting the process, it is better to put a box of open baking soda into the refrigerator.
So that you can minimize the possibility of freezing
Dry food absorbs the smell and taste of other foods in the compartment.
They will not leave once they enter, which may be a problem in the future.
Although large commercial operations can freeze and dry any food that can be sliced, cut or powdered, the home is frozen-
Drying is best done with food that can be sliced to the appropriate thickness.
If you have a dehydrator, the sky is the limit.
In the long run, preparing your own dehydrated food will be rewarded.
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