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ron popeil on his inventions and entrepreneurship - best food dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-23
ron popeil on his inventions and entrepreneurship  -  best food dehydrator
Over the past 35 years, Ron Popeil has built up the reputation of a super salesperson.
Although his name may not be a household name, many of his products are household names.
He created vegetables. O-
Matric, Pocket Fisherman, food dehydrator, pasta maker, recent, best-
Table roast meat shop
At 1995, he wrote his autobiography: "Salesman of the century: inventing, marketing and selling on TV: How did I do it, and how did you do it!
Welcome to CNN, Ron Popeil.
Hello, everyone. This is Ron Pope.
From chat room: Do you know at what age do you want to enter the invention industry?
Ron Popeil: I did it in my early 20 s and that's just what I want to do.
I have been doing this since then.
CNN host: What should people consider when looking for business partners?
This is a great question!
I am looking for someone with qualities that I don't have.
Today, I will not develop any of my inventions entirely on my own.
I have another person and I have been working with him for more than 20 years.
His technique is much better than mine, and it is strange that he will not boil water.
He can't cook.
From chat room: What is the most critical consideration when choosing a promotional product: this is not a singular number.
There must be all kinds of things, and I think they are all crucial.
For example, you have ideas about the product or how it performs.
This must be a problem for me. solving.
It must be quality, user-
Friendly and reasonable price.
Also, you have to choose a form of marketing to communicate this message to the consumer.
Everything is key.
If one of these elements does not exist in the fashion I have formulated, you will not have the upper hand.
Chat room question: What is your biggest impact on making products?
The solution to the problem.
What I do is look around the house, in everyday life, for serious enough problems so that consumers are willing to spend money on this product. I'm a problem-
Solve the inventory, I create the product as soon as I find the solution.
If I could produce it at a price that allows me to make a reasonable profit and give consumers a reasonable price, they would buy it.
Consumers today are not interested in paying cheap prices.
They are willing to pay the hard price.
If the price of a quality product is reasonable, it can make money.
If I can create high quality products, they will buy them.
What do you think is your most ingenious invention?
Every new invention is my most ingenious one.
However, I have to admit that the grill and the five or six different models of the grill I produce will do more than all the products combined.
From the chat room: What is your most proud invention, is this product the best seller?
Ron Poppie: roast meat.
From the chat room: If I put two 4-lb.
Your chicken from the grill, did I set a timer of 8 lbs. or just 4 lbs?
Ron Popeil: When you put two chickens in each 4 pounds, they first spin from head to foot like I do a chicken, not horizontally.
A chicken is 15 minutes per pound, two chickens are side by side 12 minutes per pound, but the total weight of the chicken, 8 pounds, 96 minutes, heat your machine for two minutes
98 minutes, or 38 minutes an hour.
As you can see from the chat room: your recipe is great, Lamb is not in the world, but we were smoked out of the house.
Too much fat.
Any suggestions?
Ron Pope: I think it has something to do with that particular leg of lamb.
I think the size of the leg of the lamb will determine the size of the smoke, and you may have an oversized leg of lamb that is very close to the heating element, which is why the smoke is caused.
CNN host: if people have questions or questions about your product, how do they contact the customer service staff at your company?
Ron Popeil: my suggestion is to contact the website.
So they get the fastest response.
Can you order a kebab shop online from a chat room?
Yes, at ronco. com.
Chat Room: How to order parts?
Ron Popeil: from the website, ronco. com, or call 1-800-43ronco.
From the chat room: What is the difference between your grill oven and the Magic Chef grill?
They look very similar.
You're right.
The Magic Chef is the name of Wal-Mart.
The US government patent office has told me that in the coming months we will be rolling out a patent in which magic chefs will be violated and we will have them stop selling.
From the chat room: are you going to enter the European market?
The answer is yes.
I just came back from Europe.
My rotisserie product was tested on British TV (UK)
They sold out soon.
I am currently developing products for the UK and Germany.
Enter two markets at the same time.
I will expand further to the European market later.
From the chat room: What are the biggest obstacles you face in your pursuit?
I think the question is very simple for me.
The most difficult thing is the operation of the business itself.
Not the creation of a product, not the manufacture, not the sale, but the dayto-
Business Day-to-day transactions, including laws, insurance, space, people, etc.
My staff is less than 200 people and everyone is different.
The problems with running a business really drive me crazy and I'm doing everything I can to sell a business so I can focus on more invention creation and marketing for those inventions.
As you can see from the chat room: I have a patented garden product that sells well in small nurseries.
Do you suggest to show or wait to large retailers right away?
This is a simple question.
The longer you wait, the less money you earn.
If you have a product that sells well, definitely find a mass marketer and let them sell the product.
What can be done today will not be done tomorrow.
As you can see from the chat room: I have been looking at your products since I remember.
What advice do you have on starting to implement my idea and bringing it to market?
Ron Popeil: I did write a book called Century salesman published by Delacort Press.
Can be purchased through the ronco website. com.
I will read the book, not that I want to sell it, but that there is a lot of valuable information in the book about how to get your project to land.
Once you have developed this project, you think it is the best project in the market and also the one you want to go to, my suggestion is that you try to buy it in shopping channels such as QVC.
This will give you the motivation to continue and expand.
I am skeptical about the products I see on TV.
I was wondering why they were not on sale in the store, where they could be seen and could easily come back.
Your audience is absolutely right.
Currently, I do put some products in some storesof-the-
Department stores offline.
All joint stores have barbecue shops.
In fact, they have two different models.
Many of the items sold on TV have bothered me, especially weight loss products and sports products.
I think the worst thing is "how to start a business" or "get rich" products.
In my opinion, the latter is a plagiarism. off.
From the chat room: will we see any updates to popular classics like egg beater, Pocket Fisherman, etc? ?
Ron Popeil: I just redesigned the internal work of the pocket fisherman.
It's done now and will be launched this Christmas.
Egg grinder, No.
I have not improved that product.
From chat room: Who is your biggest source of inspiration?
Ron Popeil: I think the audience is asking about the invention and marketing business and I would say Tony Robbins is one of the people I want to have good business dealings with the public.
I also work at the casino and of course I have the pleasure of working with Steven Wayne for 21 years.
I really admire him and Michael Milken.
From the chat room: What invention do you sell the most in the store?
Ron Popeil: vegetables in terms of unit sales-o-
Marty will be on it for sure.
We don't have direct marketing like today.
In the past, we had to advertise our products and guide people to shop to buy them.
Today, we use the 800 number to send the product directly to the customer.
Chat room: will you make any other materials that will help the kitchen in the near future?
Ron Popeil: Yes, but at this point in time I can't reveal what I think.
I really like the kitchen!
CNN host: what products are you doing now?
Ron Popeil: I'm working on two projects right now;
One is indoor. outdoor smoker.
Second product: No Clean Bread and batter machine involvedup.
CNN host: Ron Popper, thank you for joining us today.
Ron Popeil: Thank you very much.
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