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repair your clothes dryer - dryer drum belt

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-16
repair your clothes dryer  -  dryer drum belt
Electrical appliances are everywhere at home today;
Probably more than needed.
If it is a kitchen appliance, it is likely that a digital clock is integrated.
Some dryers also have clocks.
Who needs so many clocks?
They're powerful vampires.
As an artificial device, the clothes dryer undoubtedly makes life easier.
Clothes dryers are the most useful.
Because of this useful equipment, the days of clothing lines and clothing pins have passed for many years.
But like anything else, things can go wrong too.
When the professional electrical maintenance personnel make a diagnosis, the maintenance cost is very high.
But any homeowner can fix the clothes dryer or save money.
Only a small laundry device is needed to troubleshoot. Problem -
If the dryer rolls but does not heat, the dryer does not heat up, and the problem is most likely the heating element.
The modern clothes dryer is a very simple device.
The structure and layout of all models will be different;
Most drawings can be found through Internet search.
Once the internal position of the heating element is found, it can be simply found and visually checked.
Be sure to unplug the dryer or flip the circuit breaker before entering!
If you can see the interrupt in the element, the diagnosis is complete.
If not, the problem may still exist.
Use a digital multimeter to troubleshoot two wires on the element, one at each end of the heating element.
The digital multimeter can be used to test continuous or uninterrupted current.
If this is the problem, it is a simple thing to replace the heating element of the clothes dryer.
Get the replacement heating element, remove the old heating element (
Electrical connections and several screws)
, And install the new one.
The problem I had with replacing my dryer was that none of the local stores would sell me any dryer parts;
They want to send one of their equipment service technicians to replace it.
But isn't that what I wanted to avoid in the first place?
Solution: I ordered one
Production line from professional supplier of electrical parts.
They have spare heating elements and mail them to mesplit;
After 15 minutes, I started doing business again! Problem -
If the dryer drum does not roll, my dryer drum will not roll, the first thing to check should be the motor. Is it running?
If not, 1 m should be used to determine if it is powered on.
If yes, but no operation or noise should be made, the motor should be replaced.
The motor works, but the drum still does not roll? Check the belt.
If the drum band is broken, then it's time to replace it.
If the belt is still in good condition, check the idler wheel and spring.
They may not have done a good job of keeping proper tension on the belt. Problem -
If the dryer does not roll or heat, the door switch may be the culprit.
The job of this switch is to prevent the dryer from running when the door is open.
If suspected, it should be removed and the continuity of the two leads should be checked. Problem -
Clothes dry too long if clothes dry too long, please make sure the lint trap is clear, the exhaust is clear from the dryer to the outlet, usually outside the building.
If the lint trap is cleared between each load, the clothes dryer will operate more efficiently and will continue to be used in the next few years.
When you replace the exhaust pipe, do yourself a favor by installing a metal pipe instead of a plastic pipe. Why?
The combination of plastic and hot moving air leads to the generation of static electricityup.
This causes the lint to stick to the tube and it will clog too early. Copyright 2007-2008 Kelly R.
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