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recipes for food dehydrators - food dryer dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-04
recipes for food dehydrators  -  food dryer dehydrator
The food dehydrator is a good source of taste and expands the culinary field of the home.
These products make it easy for anyone to make such delicacies as beef jerky, apple slices and fruit strips.
Each is a delicious food, because it can taste itself, and it is also a practical food for foods like trail mix.
There are many kinds and styles of these products to choose from to meet the needs of any kitchen.
Whether a person wants to eat a lot, or just a little bit of dehydrated food, there is a model that meets their needs and can use almost the same recipe in each size model.
Fruit slices are one of the most popular and simple recipes made using a dehydrator.
These foods can be eaten by themselves or mixed.
They are nutritious and can be stored for a long time after dehydration.
Making these foods is a great way to take advantage of the special sales in the store, offering delicious fruit flavors throughout the year for the home.
To make these foods, simply slice the fruit and sprinkle it with a little sugar.
Check with the manufacturer's instructions and dry within the specified time.
Then simply seal it in a plastic bag until it is needed.
Almost any fruit can be used, but bananas, strawberries, cranberries and apricots are most popular.
Fruit slices can be mixed with granola, which can also be made from a food dehydrator.
Simply soak the oats in a delicious melted sugar mixture made of sugar and butter.
Then put it in the dehydrator to dry until it becomes brittle.
Mix with fruits and nuts to get a delicious mix rich in protein and other nutrients, which helps fuel throughout the day.
Fruit Bars have all the benefits of fruit slices and are especially good for children.
Fruit Rolls-
Ups, these products are healthier when produced at home.
Mix the fruit with a little sugar.
Put a layer of plastic into the dehydrator and pour it into the fruit mixture.
Dry off the good hospitality time recommended by the manufacturer.
Beef jerky is something that many people buy specifically for dehydrator.
Thin cut meat is coated with strong friction or oil, herbs, spices and other condiments.
These are placed in the dehydrator until they are chewy.
These foods can be placed in the refrigerator for extended life.
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