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recalls this week: food dehydrators, bats - food dehydrator recipes

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-27
recalls this week: food dehydrators, bats  -  food dehydrator recipes
Undated photos provided by the United StatesS.
Consumer Product Safety Board 5-
Pallet dehydrator with digital timer for distribution of LEM products.
LEM product distribution to 5-May 2, 2013-
Tray dehydrator with digital timer due to fire hazard.
The fan may fail, causing the equipment to overheat and causing a fire hazard. (
AP Photo/Consumer Product Safety Committee)
The consumer goods recalled this week include a range of food dehydrators that may overheat and softball sticks that may break at the handle.
The following is a more detailed look: food dehydrator Details: 5-
Tray Food dehydrator with digital timer.
The dehydrator is gray and made of plastic and metal.
The model 1009 is on the label located on the rear panel with the company's contact details on the label.
The "LEM" logo is printed on the top of the unit, which has a panel with a digital timer, an on/off switch, and a temperature control knob.
The UPC code is printed at the bottom of the package and read 73449401009.
Sold from August to February 2010.
Reason: The fan failure will cause the unit to overheat and cause fire danger.
Accident: Two reports of fan failure caused the unit to catch fire.
In one incident, the consumer was taken to the neighborhood and prevented the fire by bringing the unit outside.
No injuries were reported.
How much: about 14,600 in the United States
The United States and Canada are 100 and respectively.
The product was recalled in February 2011.
For more information, please call 877-536-
7763 or visit www. lemproducts.
Com and click on the warranty and recall at the bottom of the page for more information.
BATSDETAILS: Louis wilonex Fastpitch softball bat.
Bats include all OneX style bats.
The outer shell of this compound bat is white and gray with the words blue and yellow engraved on it.
"Louisville sluonex" appears twice on the bucket, one in yellow and the other in blue.
The "x" in both places is yellow.
Sold from May 2012 to February 2013.
Reason: during use, the barrel of the bat can be separated from the handle and attack people nearby.
Incident: about 170 bat cases were reported to have left the company.
The company is aware of a report that a broken bat hit a player's calf.
How much: about 13,000.
For more information: Call Hillerich & Bradsby 800-282-
2287 or visit www. slugger.
For more information, click recall ".
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