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product review: sedona food dehydrator - food dehydrator reviews

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-28
product review: sedona food dehydrator  -  food dehydrator reviews
In addition to canned and pickled, there is also a strategy for food preservation.
As the garden season approaches, I am excited to try out this beautiful appliance.
At first I was surprised when a very large, heavy box appeared at my door, but I was immediately impressed with the look of the machine.
It features a digital timer and thermometer, 14 inch high and 17 inch wide, easy to measureto-read controls.
It is also equipped with a variety of Wellsmade (BPA free)
Pallet for any food.
My favorite is a clever flatbed tray for making cookies and fruit leather.
The concept is fairly simple: the machine cycles warm air throughout the chamber, vaporizing the liquid from the food.
The drying process concentrates the flavor, changes the texture, and of course helps to extend the shelf life.
The best thing is that there are no preservatives or sweeteners in the commercial varieties of dehydrated foods.
To test, I decided to use fresh fruit and herbs from the garden.
There are apples, pears, mangoes and bananas.
The last product is delicious. -
It's sweet to chew enough.
A very popular child!
The machine is also quite quiet, which is a great advantage.
It is the most popular for herbs-rat plum, rosemary and lavender.
After drying, leave all or grind to powder;
Stored in a closed container for up to 6 months.
My dry lavender leaves go straight into the homemade Provence herbal mixture.
Cons: to find the best thickness to cut all the fruit, some trouble shooting is really needed-the first time is too thick and the second time is too thin.
Finally, the third time is correct.
I suggest you note down the thickness and cooking time you like so that it will be easier next time.
The unit we tried retails for about $399.
00-the investment may be too big unless you are really serious about dry food.
Service advice and tips try to make "raw" tacos and biscuits with sprouted grains, flax seeds, nuts and seasonings (
The Sedona manual includes some interesting recipes).
Put fruit or vegetables in spices, dried herbs, honey, sugar, citrus juice, olive oil or soy sauce to enhance the flavor before drying.
Dried peas for soup later.
Dip apples, pears and bananas into lemon juice to prevent Brown.
Dry tomatoes are a great way to keep the taste of summer.
Dry berries mixed with grain and trail.
Tell us: Have you ever tried drying food at home?
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