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preserving your chillies - smoking - electric dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-04
preserving your chillies - smoking  -  electric dehydrator
You have successfully planted a lot of peppers for yourself, but now you have a problem.
Not a real problem.
More of a challenge.
What can I do to save my peppers so I can use them all year round?
Fortunately, people have been facing this problem for thousands of years.
So you can use many solutions.
Some are ancient and some are modern.
This ezine article will study in detail the process of dehydrated peppers with an electric dehydrator.
However, we need to cover some of the basics before you start to help you make the most of your garden and the fruits you harvest. 1)
It is widely believed that the best way to harvest pepper is the so-called "staggered harvest ". No -
You don't need to get drunk.
This means that you have harvested peppers many times throughout the growing season.
This will ensure that you maximize the output of the plant.
If pepper is left behind, the plant believes it has achieved its reproductive goals and rarely produces new fruits.
The staggered harvest ensures that plants are "constantly trying" throughout the growing season ". 2)
Unless you particularly like green peppers, the best way to do this is to harvest ripe fruit with a tight shiny skin that is very strong.
The prepared fruit should fall off the plant easily.
If you need to use any force, it's better to leave for a few days before you try again. 3)
Take a shower of the fruit, and observe for the second time, remove any fruits with black spots, as they usually rot and/or mold.
Well, you want to smoke your chili to make your own coriander (Chip-ote-lays).
Chillies's teamDown-Under.
Com thinks chili is the most delicious pepper.
There is no doubt that the complex, smoky flavor and medium heat are the perfect combination of anything.
Smoking chili peppers is an ancient way of preservation, which, as far as we know, was started by Teotihuacan Indians in Central America around 500 BC.
Their civilization peaked around 200 AD, and the Aztecs then adopted chipotles and took them to art --
They are the form of today.
Chili is one of the activities in about two months.
Art and onethird luck.
What will we provide below (
This is a fairly long article)
However, you have to keep in mind that they are the guidelines to follow, not the strict rules that guarantee successful results.
There are a lot of variables that can change the results you get, however, being willing to try a bit will take you through a successful technique that works for you.
The equipment team used three different devices when looking for homemade chipotle.
These little guys are about 40 cm x 30 cm, 20 cm high.
They are made of galvinised steel and the body will not rust, however, make sure you oil the internal rack as this is not galvinised and will rust.
The bottom of the unit is about 5 cm higher than the "bottom" and there are air holes on the side so that the spirit burner of methylation can be placed below.
In units, shavings or saws-dust(
See wood at the back of this page)
Scattered at the bottom, heated by the burner below.
The shelf sits inside, above the shavings/Saw --
Dust and devices are closed with a tight fitting cover.
You won't suck a lot of peppers because of this size, but they are a good, cheap tool to start learning what works, what doesn't work, and what you like. . . . and so on.
If you already have one of these smokers and use it for fish or other food, we strongly recommend that you wash it well before sucking the peppers.
Otherwise, they get all sorts of weird flavors.
These babies are amazing.
Chances are you already have it, and if not, you should consider it as a priority.
This is almost the preferred way for us to cook anything;
Grill, barbecue, baking, stirfrys, . . . . .
You need to have at least one plate with a bar in it-grill type (i. e.
Not a solid mind)
So that the wood can be exposed to the flame.
Wood is used for a month when they are usually small pieces that are closed-
10 cm².
Must be soaked with water before use.
If the wood or peppers to be used are small, we will flatten them.
Net basket bottom (
About 20 cm square meters on three sides5cm high)
To prevent them from falling off the grill.
This also makes it easier to move around.
In fact, everyone is familiar with these barbecues.
They are a must-have in the post-80 s, and while their popularity has declined, they are still a good product worth cooking.
We only think about the charcoal here because we don't know why anyone is bothered by the gas.
If you want to cook with gas, go to the barbecue.
Although it does take a long time for charcoal to cook meat (
The main reason for its decline in popularityoff)
It also gives a unique taste of charcoal.
Luckily for you, if you have one more, they are perfect for chili.
Once the charcoal burns, this is a simple example of putting the wet blocks of your favorite smoking wood on the coal, putting your pepper on the shelf or in a wire basket (see above)
Cover the lid.
Luckily, I didn't get a chance to reach one of them, and we obviously couldn't afford it (
About the children's clothes)-
So I won't discuss it here.
You basically need to heat on the wood without lighting it up.
We have discussed the heat source above, so it's time to look at the wood.
There are many options that are not particularly difficult to choose from.
* Apple * Cookies * pear hickyare are usually available in larger hardware stores (
Bunnings & Mitre 10 in Australia and New Zealand)
And barbecue shops (
All kinds of barbecue utensils, K-Mart, etc).
We know that there is a small producer in Western Australia who uses jarrah to smoke peppers.
The convention has always been the use
Resin wood gives a fair amount of anti-corrosion, but these jarrah smoked peppers are acceptable, though unusual.
Readers in eastern Australia may like to try redgum-
We would love to hear from you if you wish!
Also, we would love to hear if other people have different types of wood.
No matter what you use, you need to know something;
* If you are using a fish smoker, the wood needs to be in the form of a saw-
* If you are using a BBQ or kettle with a hat, these large pieces need to be soaked with water at least an hour ago.
If this is what you are using, this process will soak your block of wood
Dry and clean peppers and cut them in halfseed.
Most of the instructions tell you to just open a seam on the pepper, but, once they are smoked, they become very tough and then try to remove the seeds is a "frustrating pain ".
* Ignite any type of smoker you are using.
You don't need much time if it's a portable fish smoker, as it will heat up quickly.
If it's a pre with a hat-
Heat for 5 minutes and if you use the kettle it will take 15 minutes for your charcoal to burn properly.
* Put on your wood.
In portable fish smokers, spread the saw
Uniform dust/shavings at the bottom is about 0. 5-1cm thick.
In the BBQ with a hat, place the large pieces on the open grill, in the kettle, and directly on the coal.
Put your chili in.
Whatever you use, place them directly on the rack or grill board, or put them in a wire basket and put them on the rack/grill board.
* Turn off the hood and check every hour.
For portable fish smokers, you may want to check every half hour for the first few hours to get an idea of their situation (
This is a small unit that cooks much faster).
* Replenish wood if necessary.
* The cooking time for portable fish smokers is about 5 hours, 6-
When using Mexican peppers, the other two 8 hours of cooking time will be reduced.
* You may find that the pepper does not dry completely.
If this is the case, you can finish them in a dehydrator, oven or outside.
Check out our dehydration page or our air-
Dry the page if you are not familiar with these techniques yet.
* Completely dry smoked peppers can be stored in the air for many years
Tight container
Three bags, they can be stored in the refrigerator even if they are not completely dry.
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