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preserves: how to bottle the true taste of summer - fruit leather dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-05
preserves: how to bottle the true taste of summer  -  fruit leather dehydrator
Separate and replant my ear-shaped plants and keep them safe in the shade.
I like the real-time feeling when I open the door of the storage room and the shelf has the fruit I work in the garden.
Events and builders have surpassed me this year-my storage room is bare except for a few cans of friend's chutney.
I need to remind me that a full larder gives me smug satisfaction, and what's better than a lovely new book by Katie and Giancarlo caldsey-save
The authors are fully capable of providing this advice-they own Caldesi cafe in Marylebone and run La Cucina Caldesi, a culinary school that honors the merits and culinary waste of all Italian thingsnot-want-not.
As a country, we threw away 1 out of 3 food.
Even Caldesis from pigs
Having a stock in Tuscany, enjoy the annual cuisine from tomatoes to Botox, and Katie, who has watched parents grow up in hot and sour sauces and over-winter fruits and vegetables, thinks they are good at evaluating and preserving food.
But when studying their books, they realized that they just touched the surface.
Curing, smoking, bottling, fermentation and drying, not to mention freezing, pickling and preservation, these are all time --
In this fast food, one-time society, honor skills have never become a hot topic as they are now.
As Katie wrote: "The way forward is usually to look back on the past, and it took us two years to study
Precious traditions of the family
Keep food.
"This book works with expert artisans to collect family recipes that have been handed down and to study the preservation traditions from Thailand and Sri Lanka to Europe, Japan and the United States, encouraging us all to be creative and frugal, home to drink more
Make snacks and veggie chips before dinner at home-
Grilled fish and desserts made of bottled fruit.
Caldesis acknowledges that this commitment takes time, but in a busy lifestyle, a new method of food value can be established to evoke the joy of harvest throughout the winter.
This book takes us through a variety of preservation elements: vinegar, sugar and salt, air, oil, alcohol, heat, and cold, each with tempting recipes and tempting photos.
Dry the seeds and flower jam today and tomorrow expert tips to make and store the jam today: very simple jamand-
So the forever container of strawberry jam should be clean and dry.
Kilners or self-sealing bags are the best.
Store in a cool, dry, dark place.
Bread seeds harvested from poppy seeds
Shake the seeds from the dried pods from the garden and put them in a container.
For bread, cake, or decoration.
The flower of tea picks chrysanthemum tea, jasmine or lime flowers in plants never sprayed in a dry early morning.
On the sunny windowsill, dry in the 43C dehydrator (110F)for 6-
A microwave explosion of 8 hours, or 30 seconds High.
Put it in a jar with labels.
Fruit Leather is a shiny fruit with rich taste and is very popular among children.
Fruits with low water content such as apples, berries, pears, peaches, plums and mangoes are the best, but the mixture with rhubarb or citrus is also effective.
Pick the best fruit, sweet with honey or sugar if necessary, add vanilla or cinnamon seasoning, oats or nuts in bulk.
Tear or cut into strips for a children's party or lunch box, or cut in pastry shape.
Freeze or store the parchment roll in a closed jar for up to six weeks and check the mold regularly.
Apple leather 4 lemon juice cut fruit with or without peel into pieces and wash it in a food processor or blender.
Pour the sauce on a silicone mat or film-lined trays.
Ensure that the pure pool does not cross the edge of the tray;
Spread it by shaking and tilting the tray to make it smooth.
It should not be 3mm thick.
Dry in the dehydrator of 57C (135F)for 4-
6 hours, or in the oven of 60C (140F)for 6-8 hours (
Available from Excalibur dehydrator. com).
They are ready when the fruit leather is not glued to the touch, but can be easily peeled off from the mat or film.
Lift the edge and the Edge will attach gently to the surface and peel it back.
It is ready if it is easy to peel back.
Now, our centrally heated house is not suitable for storing oil in the refrigerator for a week or so, but a small amount of production, the food saved in this way is very delicious and will be swallowed soon.
Wild garlic wrapped cheese to make 1x500 ml can of about 50 young wild garlic leaves 250g soft cheese such as labneh 1 dried chili, extra virgin olive oil slices, rinse the garlic leaves clean, shoot on the kitchen paper.
Dot a teaspoon of soft cheese on the fat end of each leaf.
Roll up the leaves alone and put them in a sterilized jar.
Sprinkle a layer of pepper and olive oil on each layer.
Continue until the jar is almost full, allowing a 2 cm clearance.
Fill the oil with olive oil to ensure no leaves highlight the surface.
Close the lid and put it in the refrigerator.
Store for up to one week.
Hot crust bread.
Dry apples, pears and other foods and cut the fruits into 3mm thick rings or slices;
Whether you open the skin or close it depends on you.
Brush or dip with lemon juice or citric acid if you wish to prevent discoloration.
Put the fruit on the shelf and dry at 57C (135F)for 5-
Working 7 hours in a dehydrator or 65C (150F)
6-in the oven
It can be bent for 12 hours or.
Packed in a closed container or vacuum bag and stored in a cool, dark place for up to a year.
Sally Davidson's Citric acid sauce is quite special. Sally Davidson makes hot and sour sauces for her local farmers market in Midland.
Fish such as salmon or trout are delicious, and chicken curry is also delicious.
After a few months, the lemon is really mellow, so wait patiently for at least three months before tasting. Makes 1.
4 kg big organic, unwaxed lemon 225g onion 25g fine sea salt 550 ml g apple vinegar 100g sultanas 25g mustard seed or roughly crushed coriander seed 1 teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon chopped red pepper 450 rub lemon with a damp cloth, but don't wash.
Chop, skin and everything, remove the dots as you can see.
Chopped onion.
Place lemon and onion in a plastic or glass bowl, sprinkle with salt and leave it in the fridge for the night.
The next day, put the things in the bowl into the saved pan and cook 15-with medium heat-
The lemon took a bite until the onion softened for 20 minutes. (
If the pot starts to dry, add a little water if necessary. )
Add the remaining ingredients, simmer slowly for an hour and stir occasionally until the chutney reaches the trail stage.
Place hot and sour sauce in a warm, sterilized jar with a spoon and seal it immediately.
Store 6 in a cool dark place-9 months.
After opening, refrigerate and consume within one month.
Green and vanilla jam due to the short green season (
August and September)
, Make the most of them by preserving their wonderful taste and color in the jam.
Makes approx 1.
5 kg 1 kg gold caster sugar 1 kg cooked (but not soft)
100 ml water Juice of 1 lemon organic vanilla pod or a few drops of vanilla extract Preheat the oven to 14c/275F/gas 1.
Arrange the baking tray with roasted parchment paper, pour sugar and heat it in the oven for 20 minutes.
At the same time, halve the putty, discard the stone and put it in a preserved pan with water, lemon juice and vanilla.
Boil, stir, and then reduce the heat to the sim.
Boiled until tender, about 10-15 minutes.
Pour in the heated sugar and stir and dissolve it in low heat.
Boil the jam and Cook hard until the set point is reached.
Leave the station for 5 minutes, then scrape off the scum with a sterile spoon and remove the vanilla pods.
Place the bottle in a heated and sterilized jar.
Store in cool and dark places for a year.
Recipes extracted from Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi's gentle preservation art (
Kyle Books, RRP 25)
Chris Terry's photography
Books by Telegraph (0844 871 1514)for £23 + £1. 35p&p.
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