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playing to a packed house: making harmonious meals--not music--in nashville. - dehydrate in oven

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-30
playing to a packed house: making harmonious meals--not music--in nashville.  -  dehydrate in oven
Chef Josh Habib and Eric Anderson Cook four nights a week after corner U.
Wooden counters that define the shape around their kitchenette.
Their restaurant Catbird seats are located at the top of the patterson House cocktail bar in the heart of Nashville music line.
There are twenty cat and bird seats on the counter plus two and six.
Petite back corner of SeaterbanquettesHousing Enterprises.
The lights were low all the time, no windows.
The atmosphere is more like a restaurant than a restaurant.
There is a seat every night and there is a seat every 15 minutes so that the chef can entertain every new guest with full attention.
Tasting menus are personalized, changing every day, and scribbling on some chart paper that diners may never see --
When you sit in the kitchen and the chef provides you with dinner, the menu is out of date. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Unusual kitchen restrictions do not limit the chef's creativity or enthusiasm for cooking.
Charm duo interacting with top customers-
Deliver first-class bartenders and hand-made meals with the ability and confidence.
It's an adventurous style and it's hard to capture the mix, but habige and Anderson have been successful in this fresh form and have drawn wide attention both in Nashville and across the country
ArtCulinaire asked the chefs if they had any place that could cause the bird seat to open last year, given the rarity and snub of their efforts.
I was nervous.
Would people really like to come out and see what we're doing?
I think what helped me overcome my fears was to have our first guests come in and try something they had never eaten before.
We can see from the look on their faces that they didn't realize there was something there.
This is the first time they taste sea urchins or pigeons.
This is very satisfactory and it is all worth it.
BTW: I don't think the cat bird seat is ideal for most chefs.
No hiding.
Everything you do and say is out there for everyone to see and hear.
In this environment, the level of honesty will be higher.
People can feel our passion, which I think is very real.
They really enjoyed our setup.
How has your style at the back of the counter evolved since opening?
EA originally wanted to rely on tickets and verbal tips to fire adish but now we just feel the rhythm of the room and look around and see where people are.
I think we're making things a little tight.
We are more tidy and our pace is better.
EA: all we really have to do is be part of the room and immerse ourselves in it.
What is the most interesting interaction between you and your guests?
EA and Gore shoot moonlight together.
Sometimes people have a drink downstairs.
At PattersonHouse)
Before they came in.
Sometimes people drink a few cups.
Maybe some people shouldn't order pairs here.
A guy turned the chair over and made a hole in the wall.
Then he picked up the chair and shouted, "it doesn't matter. I'm a foodie. WHY NASHVILLE?
Great Nashville.
The people here are very supportive of us.
There are communities in the real sense that people are eager to see the development of the city and want local businesses to thrive.
What are the common clues to your menu?
I think the dynamics of our menu are getting better and better.
Now that everyone gets everything, we have to make sure that everyone has something and not confuse it.
Getting people out of their comfort zone a little is something we strive for, but we may have something that tastes or looks familiar to bring them back.
Is there a uniform dish?
What's the difference between you and how do you assign guests/menus every night?
We all tend to cook in a more modern way.
We also love and respect classic cooking.
There may be some differences in our plating style, but I think that even then there must be someone who knows our food fairly well in order to distinguish this.
In general, when one of us brings an idea to the table for discussion, it's usually the one who picks up the plate --but not always.
It's also interesting for one of us to use one ingredient or recipe for a while and then have another use it and take it in a completely different direction.
One aspect of a certain dish can produce a lot of differences.
I think our aesthetics are similar, but there are two different people who create dishes that can make our lives more vibrant.
In the end, when we develop the dishes, we discuss them, which is an idea of jumping back and forth.
It helps to create better dishes in the long run.
Is the kitchen where your guest is sitting the only one?
Do you have a kitchen ready? SERVERS? BUSBOYS?
We have a few people to help: Tom and Mei.
Both of them are chefs, but they all take turns working with us. while]
Another help Jane [Lopez]
Our beverage director
Jane poured everything herself.
What she did was amazing.
Many of her matches are wine, but they can also be beer, a well-prepared wine, or homemade.
She did a bad thing too.
EA: we also have a porter behind us who is responsible for all the dishes, silver and glasses.
No waiter, no kitchen, no chef, no bus. HAVE YOU EVER.
Surprise yourself at all times
Make a dish? EA: Sure.
BTW: There's a dish in my mind that I don't think anyone will like.
I think it's cod wrapped in coconut powder, kiwi fruit, avocado and watermelon peel. Fish and fruit.
I can't explain why I think it's a good idea, but people like it.
Do you have any skills in your repertoire that are particularly satisfactory to your guests? EA;
We tried to keep the guests in the South, a little familiar with the first few bites, so maybe it made them relaxed.
JH: People get excited when they see liquid nitrogen, but we try to stop using liquid nitrogen during service.
We don't want to be that guy.
Young chef.
What is the most difficult time or time for you to spend?
When you first passed?
Man, it's hard to cook for others.
It is difficult not to be appreciated and scolded.
You usually do the worst work in the kitchen.
I remember on a birthday, I was in three.
They opened a star restaurant in the UK and prepared a pot of snails for me to clean.
This is one of the tasks that seems to never end.
It is also difficult to live in big cities at the chef's salary.
I work in a restaurant in the city of origamini apores, where there is the head chef, Julie Flickr.
I'm new to the city and I knocked on the back door of the restaurant to find a job.
Doug opened the door and asked me to come back to work at 5: 00 in the afternoon, so I went and I was hired.
It began a close friendship that has continued so far.
He is one of the few people I know who have experienced good and bad.
Last week the restaurant was open for a very physical and emotional drain time for me and the rest of the staff.
This is a very nervous-
Knit group is heartbreaking to see it shut down.
We were packing last night.
When we need them, I want to ask everyone where they were before.
It's interesting how people came out of the wood factory for the funeral.
I believe every chef who worked for Dougis last week is a better cook.
After last night's service, I could only cry while drinking.
When you met at ALINEA, did you ever think about working together like this?
Why is your cooperation so successful?
BTW: We met at Alinea but we didn't really work together there.
Every station is a little self
Enough, Eric works on the other side of the room.
You really don't have much time to find and socialize in this environment.
After work, we had a few drinks and learned that we knew a lot of the same people.
I think we all realize that we will be a good team.
I think we have a similar motivation and appreciate something like that.
EA: at Alinea, we only have time to have a few beers together, but we end up working together at Auriga and then working in a place called Porterand Frye --
Then we really started digging deeper into what we can do together as chefs.
In addition to fresh local PR.
Others and others.
The quality food you work with you, you and the inspiration come from or.
Ingredients like magic bread.
Why are these sources of inspiration?
EA: this requires something familiar and comfortable and gives it a new definition.
It may seem familiar, but the taste is not.
Julie: everyone in this country, regardless of their upbringing, is connected to these things.
You all started washing dishes.
Knowing what you know now, what would you tell the dishwasher on the first day of the kitchen?
Don't break your glasses. (
Jane's going crazy. )
BTW: Maybe I'll tell them to go out when they can still.
I didn't find a job as a dishwasher because I wanted to cook, but I got a job and got some friends to work in a restaurant in town, and thought it would be a way to start saving money for cars.
I just got into the food pit and I'll try to go further so I can go in line and watch those guys make burgers or eggs or whatever and I think it's cool.
What did you eat last night?
JH: We didn't get a chance to have dinner when we started over, but before the service we took turns making lunch for each other.
I think Eric made meatloaf and mashed potatoes yesterday.
EA: 1958 very old Fitzgerald.
Beef duzon-Kale Emulsion (Serves 6)
Rosemary oil.
Mix Rosemary and oil in a food processor for 5 minutes
Mesh sieve lined with cheese cloth by Juniper-kale emulsion.
Mix the egg yolk, garlic and juniperin food processor for 30 seconds, add kale, then run slowly with the machine, add oil, add lemon juice, add saltmesh sieve.
Service: use 2-
1-1-inch ring plate beef
The portion of the ounce, seasoned with rosemary oil and salt, with scallions, anemones, fish seeds, bread and flowers, kale and coconut soup and illed fish (Serves 8)
Rishlin Denham cellar of habanello pickling liquid Colombia Bally, WA 2007: cut an X in each Chile.
Boil the remaining ingredients and pour them on the pepper.
Refrigerate in a closed container for 3 days.
Kimchi puree: all ingredients with high matchingspeed blender.
Fine through-mesh sieve.
The practice of the soup is: Add onion and garlic to the oil until the onion is translucent and add kale.
Add coconut milk and water when kale wither.
Simmer gently with high soup for 20 minutesspeed blender.
Add acid lotion and salt bacteria to taste
As shown in the figure, mesh screen cover and insulation service: plate.
Decorate with radish, flowers, thread, garlic and powder.
Strawberry with Hay
Yogurt and kale (Serves 6)
For the yogurt.
Heat the oven up to 350 degrees.
Toast for 30 minutes.
Place yogurt and hay in a plastic bag and seal it in a commercial vacuum sealer.
Put the bag in another bag and heat the combined oven lo 212 degrees with 100% steam for 10 hours.
Yogurt breaks down into condensed milk and whey.
Discharge the precipitate and whey separately.
Discard the Hay mud curd in the blender, adjust the consistency of the whey as needed, and transfer to the pastry bag in the refrigerator with regular tips and cold storage.
Chamomile pudding: water, sugar, chamomile sugar, salt and saffron for 5 minutes.
Stir in Joan glue for 3 minutes, through fine-
Place a sieve in the refrigerator for about 45 minutes.
Transfer to mixer and slurry filter by fine
Place the sieve in a pastry bag and have a regular tip in the refrigerator for cold storage.
Cook kale in boiling salt water for 90 seconds.
Shock in the ice water bath until it cools, and then heat the soy sauce thoroughly with gelatin sufficient to dissolve the gelatin.
Kale with high soybean mixturespeed blender.
Apply the original pulp as thin as possible on the acetic acid sheet.
Dehydrated in a 175 degree oven or dehydrator until completely dry for about 30 minutes. Let cool.
Took a bite.
Transfer to a closed container.
For puffed rice. Set up a fine-
The mesh sieve on one jar fills the other with one-inch oil hot oil until it is about to smoke.
When rice puffs, in about 5 seconds, drain the oil through sieveDrain puffed rice on a paper towel and season it with salt when warm.
Completely cooled and then transferred to a closed container.
Repeat the remaining rice and oil.
Service: Decoration of the plate with chamomile Tripel Karmeliet Brouwerij Bosteels than henghut on the Belgian gan lan ice cream pastry (Serves 8)
For the kale mixture: Stir all the ingredients in the food processor to a rough place.
Transfer to a closed container.
For Brown Butler crumbs: in a blender filled with paddle, butter and sugar.
Stir the eggs at low speed and then add the remaining ingredients.
Refrigerate the dough for 1 hour.
Heat the oven up to 350 degrees.
Apply the dough to the paper tray, about 1/4-inch thickness.
Bake for 8 to 10 minutes until golden brown. Let cool.
The pulse of the food processing machine to rough. Combine one-
Brown butter crumbs with leftover crumbs and kale mixed transfer
Separate the bread crumbs mixture of the air container.
For togarashi meringue: Stir the protein and sugar to a stiff peak.
Add powder slowly.
Transfer to a pipe bag with a common tip.
Serving: as shown in the figure, use the torch caramel pastry and spray the caramel edge with set gris.
You can also sprinkle some ice cream from sergeris.
Decorated with blueberries.
Kale ice cream: mix kale juice, milk, cream, sugar, vanilla seeds and salt for tasting.
The yellow belt immersionblender is integrated.
Freeze in the ice cream machine according to the manufacturer's structure.
In the fridge.
Blueberry mosiarda: Mix 5 ounces of blueberries with wine, vinegar, mustard seeds, dry mustard and sugar.
Add the remaining blueberries to cook to half.
Minutes a month. Let cool.
Stir in oil and Dijon.
Refrigerate in a closed container.
Grilled Kale, sausage cream and Scarlet red bean ham (Serves 6)
Meanwhile, the Scottish Brewery in London, UK, stirred all the ingredients together until the solid was dissolved. Chill.
Ham Steak: pork with salt water overnight. Drain.
In plastic bags, seal the pork in the highest setting of the commercial vacuum sealer.
In a pan equipped with a heat Circulator, heat the water to 126 degrees and cook for 60 hours to replenish the water as needed.
Freeze ham in ice water bath.
For scarlet red runner beans: heat the combined oven to 212 degrees and set the flow to 100%.
Mix all ingredients in the 1/3 hotel pot.
After about 1 hour, heat it in the Steamin oven until the beans soften.
Keep warm in the liquid.
For chorizo cream: mix the wine and scallions in the pan until dry.
Add cream, milk and sausage.
40 minutes.
Turn high-
High speed mixer and mixing for 30 seconds.
Fine filtrationmesh sieve.
Back to the pot, reduced to cream-
Similar consistency, return to the blender with bay leaf and xanthan glue and mix for 2 minutes.
Through fine strainmesh sieve.
Transfer to the siphon and charge twice.
Keep warm at 140
Service: Prepare and heat the grill.
Stir kale with garlic and oil.
Season with salt.
Grill until the leaves are slightly burnt and tender.
Remove and discard the stem.
Torn into biting leaves-
Size and taste of beans, celery and oil.
Bake the ham all around until it is just cooked and then lightly brown with a small scones.
Divided into six equal parts.
Cut each part into thirty.
As shown in the figure, shake the siphon vigorously before assigning cream decorations with celery and lovage;
Sprinkle a layer of sel on the ham.
Kale gray, black truffle, prunes (Serves 6)
TB Valeria Ella Classico Superiore Corvina mix Italian Tommaso BussolaVeneto 2005 small black fries: brush mushrooms with syrup and season with salt.
Dehydrated in a low oven or dehydrator until completely dry. Letcool.
Transfer to a closed container.
Kale ash: Heat the oven to 450 degrees.
Grilled Kale. Let cool.
In the food processor, combine the kale with the remaining ingredients and process them into powder.
For short ribs: Combine salt with sugar for treatment and sprint over the ribs.
Let the treatment for 1 hour.
Rinse under cold tap water and dry.
In plastic bags, place ribs and seals at the highest setting of the commercial vacuum sealer.
In a pan fitted with a heat Circulator, heat the water to 136 degrees and cook the ribs for 72 hours to replenish moisture if necessary.
Relax in the ice water bath.
Cut into ounces, gray and spare.
For salsify: in plastic bags, combine salsify with the highest set ink and seal in the commercial vacuum sealer.
In a pan equipped with a heat Circulator, heat the water to 176 degrees and cook in an ice water bath for about two hours.
Truffle sauce: mix hot soup with truffle.
Season with salt.
Keep warm.
Prunes: Sweat in oil after 5 minutes.
And reduced to dry.
Add prunes to cover with water.
Three fewer Simmeruntilquarters.
Turn high-speed blender. Puree.
Season with salt.
Warm service: Heat the oven to 250 degrees.
Heat the rib part in the oven for about 6 minutes. Plate as shown.
Truffle decor.
Josh Habib and Eric Anderson
Catbird restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee.
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