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oven canning preserves dry goods for years. - dry food

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-10
oven canning preserves dry goods for years.  -  dry food
Rural: First of all, what I want to say is how much I like rural areas and look forward to every problem.
It seems that I have learned something new on every question.
For this reason, I would like to share what I learned from Avery's dear friends many years ago.
It's called canned oven.
She also taught me how to use a pressure cooker.
She is much bigger than me and knows a lot.
I like cans, but because you don't have to use a pressure cooker, I like fruits, jam, jelly, etc.
I'm scared to use one. -
I can imagine the whole kitchen being blown up.
She told me, "Baby (
She always calls me kids.
Safe to use.
You just need to pay attention to what you're doing and you can't be tracked when they're on the stove.
So the study began.
She was right. It was safe. I have eaten a lot of delicious vegetables since then.
One day, when we went to her house for coffee, she said, "Boy, I'm busy with my appointment today.
I asked: can you hold the oven?
"I thought she couldn't have anything in the oven at all.
I asked how safe the food can be in the oven?
It will last for many years, she said. I thoughtokay . . .
I'll listen to her and let her tell me, but I'm sure I won't eat anything in the oven.
I told her I had a couple of hours before the kids came home from school, so if she wanted help, I 'd be happy to help her.
She began to take out all the cans and a large biscuit.
Then the cans and cans were shipped out.
She said she bought something at a discount and when she had enough money to fill the oven she would hold it in a can.
I was surprised by what was in her can.
There are beans, oatmeal, corn flour, flour and all kinds of dry food.
I know when she starts laughing and asks, "What do you think will be in the oven ? " I was shocked on my face.
"I told her I didn't know what she would do and I was overwhelmed.
We started filling half a gallon, quart and pint cans with different dry grains.
When we filled the jar, she turned on the oven 200 degrees, put the cookie chip in, and then put the full jar on the cookie chip.
She filled everything up.
She said we can sit down and visit for an hour now.
An hour later, she took a wet paper towel and started taking out the jar and taking out one at a time.
She will wipe the edges with a wet towel, cover the lid and tighten the straps.
She works steadily and quickly.
She will make a jar and put it on the towel
Open the oven, take out another jar and do the same thing.
She said you have to be very careful because the pots are really hot so you have to use heavy cloth or potholes.
She used a little kitchentowel, which I 've been using now, because you got a good dirt in the jar that protected your hand.
She took the pots out and sealed them, then put them in another batch and set the timer for another hour.
All her dry food is now protected, she said, without insects and small animals, and will be preserved for many years.
At that time, I began to use the oven to hold all our dry food. Only a few months ago, I found out how long most of the dry food can be kept.
Are you ready?
Many of them will last 20 to 30 years!
I was shocked when I found out.
I know I have been using canned food for 7 to 10 years or so, they are great and taste fresh just like the first can.
But 20 to 30 years is a real shock.
They will be stored in dry and not more than 75 degrees.
My oven can bake all kinds of dried beans, corn noodles, flour, rice, oatmeal, dried onions, dried carrots, dried celery, potato chips, raw beans and sweet potatoes, cereals, pasta
The list continues.
I can even use our dry boxed cereal as I'm tired of finding bugs in boxes that don't open, but we didn't run out of record time. (
When packed, the bugs are in the food, like they are in a sealed bag, but not in the box. )
Most cereals are even better at the beginning, they are canned ovens because they have more creaking.
The only thing you can't oven is dry food with oil inside.
I can bake almonds and pecans in the oven, but the walnuts are not good at all.
They will go bad, but this is due to the amount of oil, so they will be thrown into the refrigerator.
Like my friends many years ago, when dry food goes on sale, I will buy dry food. When I have enough dry food to fill the oven several times, I will buy dry food.
It must be great to have all the safe and easy to use dry food.
Everyone I told who tried the oven can told me how happy they knew it was.
The best thing most of them have told me is that the fridge is not full of all dry food, so they now have room for food that has to be frozen.
As long as the rubber gasket inside, you can use most glass jars and their covers.
Occasionally I will have one or two jars that are not sealed;
I just put them in the storage room for use as they are heat treated and put in the glass so they are still bugsand critter-free.
Any herbs and vegetables you dry can be baked in the oven.
I ground the carrots and hold them in the oven.
I just used some in my homemade soup and it was great.
I hope it helps a lot to save your food, fridge space and money.
It helps us every year.
If I don't answer any questions, please ask them through the countryside and put it under the can of oven, which I will see and answer.
I will contact you if you leave a phone or email number.
I don't know all about it, but I know I'm more than happy to share it.
It is a very good idea to set up a jar using a cookie sheet or a large flat container.
When I first started making the oven can, I knocked the rice over when I took the pot out.
Needless to say, it takes a lot of time and effort to clean up.
Canned happy oven. --
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