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olivia munn credits this snack as her secret to slimming down (hint: she calls it ''steak in a bag'') - beef jerky dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-18
olivia munn credits this snack as her secret to slimming down (hint: she calls it \'\'steak in a bag\'\')  -  beef jerky dehydrator
"I liked the beef jerky first, but then I looked at it and the sugar and carbs were much less and the protein content was high," Olivia recalls . ".
"It's much easier than carrying Greek yogurt with you because that's what I did at the time.
She continued, "That's when I started to lose weight.
I was able to keep it because it was so delicious.
Like a steak in a bag. " Who knew!
In addition to reducing sugar and carbohydrates (
"Boring" in Munn's words ")
Then, the star of The Wall Street Journal revealed her fitness program, "I did taekwondo as I grew up, and in X-Men.
This is one thing I have been doing.
"What is Olivia's refusal to participate in the fitness fashion of SoulCycle? SoulCycle is a very popular fitness craze like Vanessa Harkins, Katie Holmes and Anderson Cooper
Olivia admits, "I just can't do it if people are crazy about it.
I have to do something where there is a target.
If that means I can learn 360 deep squats, I will do millions of deep squatsdegree kick.
"So, before you grab the nearest bag of beef jerky, find out Olivia's favorite cheat meal by watching the video above! Happy snacking!
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