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oily rag: hoard veges, fruit for winter now - best food dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-24
oily rag: hoard veges, fruit for winter now  -  best food dehydrator
With the sunny season coming to an end, it's time to fill your pantry shelves and refrigerators with food to get you through the next growing season.
This is a matter of money and meaning for frugal families, because when fruits and vegetables are plentiful, they are the cheapest and serious depositors will make the most of the opportunity.
Those who gardening by the smell of oil cloth will get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
But even those who have not yet discovered the fun of the oil cloth garden should make the most of the harvest of this season by buying cheap or better ways, receive free fruits and vegetables from neighbors, friends and relatives.
Here are some different ways to protect your abundance.
Freezing is the most common way to preserve food, so many people don't think that freezing is a form of keeping food.
A decent sized refrigerator is essential for those who enjoy the smell of tartan.
If you want to freeze vegetables, most vegetables need to be hot in boiling water in order to maintain the maximum flavor and color.
Dry food is perhaps the easiest and most natural way to preserve food.
The process of drying food includes removing moisture.
This can be done naturally (in the sun)
Or put it in the oven or in the dehydrator. To sun-
You must have dry food in very reliable weather; desert-
Ideal conditions--
Hot weather with low humidity.
If the conditions are right then your product should be dry in two to three days.
Fruit is the best food in the sun. dry.
Only one tray is needed (
It is best to use cheese cloth or curtain mesh lining)
But almost anything clean and flat can be used.
The covering of the curtain net is best able to stay away from annoying flies, and the roof or high enough places can also keep food away from predators (
Hungry young man! ).
If your weather is unpredictable, or time is a factor, then using an oven or borrowing a food dehydrator can be the best option!
Figs are abundant at present.
They are not fresh for a long time, but dry and are suitable for school lunches or snacks.
Saving food by smoking is like drying, because the moisture is removed, the greater the weight loss, the better the quality of preservation.
Smoke deposits and salt used during curing also prevented the growth of bacteria.
Bottling is to kill the mature enzymes present in all fruits and vegetables ---
Avoid any air contact by putting air into a solution of salt water, vinegar or syrup.
Prevent any further maturation by blocking enzyme reactions-
So save.
At this time of year, it is also a good idea for those who have a fire or firewood at home to start thinking about firewood.
If there is no ready-made wood source on the property, fire-proof bricks can be selected.
We like the idea of firebrick because it takes advantage of what others throw out. G. B.
Simple tip from Kerikeri.
"I found an empty 1-
The one-liter milk case and wet newspaper packaging make the compressed fire brick great.
When the carton was full, I made a hole in the side and let the water escape.
The paper bricks lasted about two hours in a low time.
Burn in a open fire for about an hour.
The Herald could be put into a container almost all weekend.
Finally there is a cleaning problem.
Jim O from Torbay, Oakland, asked, "I know it's an old question, but I'm eager to find a 'cure'
For cleaning the shower glass.
I 've tried commercial cleaners and even tried the direct method and sugar soap.
But no one got rid of the deep-rooted soap/water stains.
Does anyone else have this problem?
"Send your suggestion and join the oil cloth mailing list on www. oilyrag. co. nz --
Or write to someone who lives under the smell of oil cloth in Whangarei PO Box 984.
* Frank and Muriel Newman are the authors of life in New Zealand by the smell of oil cloth.
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