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nesco food dehydrator and jerky maker how to slice beef jerky | ehow

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-20
Beef jerky is a common food for hikers, campers or people who try to keep beef during the winter months.Beef jerky is basically dehydrated beef strips marinated before drying.You can make beef jerky in the food dehydrator or in the oven at home, and add different flavors to the marinade to get more flavor varieties.It is not difficult to cut the beef strip before the pickled beef strip.
Put a piece of your beef on the cutting board and take a closer look at how the meat pellets work.Place the meat on the cutting board so that the grain is placed vertically.
Hold the beef in one hand and gently pound it with a meat hammer to around the corner-Inch thick if thick.Soup can be used for the same effect.
Put the knife on the meat, cut 1-An inch of meat.When dehydrated, passing through the grain can crash the meat.
Cut the meat slowly and evenly and use the entire length of the knife so you don't have to push hard.
Cut the meat all the way, and once sliced, put your meat strips into the marinade.Any stripe that looks too long can cut half horizontally.
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