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nesco food dehydrator and jerky maker how to dry whole hot peppers in a dehydrator | ehow

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-20
Many chefs and gardeners like to have dried peppers on hand to add to their kitchen products.Drying the whole pepper in a food dehydrator may be the easiest and fastest way to preserve the pepper.Once you have dried the peppers, useful peppers can be provided at any time, adding heat and flavor to the delicious dishes.
Put the whole pepper in a spoon.Wash the peppers under cold water and remove as much water as possible from the peppers.
Lay a layer of pepper on the metal cooling rack and dry it.Wait for the peppers to be completely dry before putting them into the food dehydrator.
Transfer the whole pepper from the cooling rack to the tray of the food dehydrator.Arrange a layer of peppers on the shelves to make sure they don't touch each other.
Assemble the rack in the food dehydrator.Set the dehydrator between 120 and 135 degrees F.Turn on the dehydrator.
Check the peppers after about two hours to evaluate the drying.If the pepper seems to dry uneven, rotate the tray inside the dehydrator.Turn off the dehydrator and keep it running.
Wait another hour or so before checking the peppers again.Take out the pepper and squeeze it with your fingers.If the pepper is cracked, it is dry enough.Squeeze if it doesn't crack, continue to dry the pepper for an hour.
When the peppers are all cracked after extrusion, remove them.Color is not a sign of drying-The extrusion test is used to determine whether the pepper is dry enough.
Let the pepper cool completely and put it in a sealed container.Seal the container and store the peppers in a cool and dry place.Dried peppers can be kept for up to one year.
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