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nesco 4 tray food dehydrator instructions for a nevco food dehydrator | ehow

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-20
The multi-layer Nevco food dehydrator can dry all kinds of thin slices of food at the same time.The open slats in stacked plastic pallets allow warm air to flow up and down the heater of the bottom unit through the food.The moisture slowly moves away from the food until they become hard and withered.The Nevco food saver dehydration unit has the ability and power to dry most prepared food in 36 hours or less.
Prepare food for Nevco food dehydrator.Cut and discard the damaged or moldy parts.Cut the food into 1/4Slice in inches or thinner.
Tender the vegetables and meat before putting them into the Nevco dehydrator.Steamed vegetable slices for 2 minutes.Marinate the slices in a sealed container and soak them in the refrigerator for the night.
Soak the fruit slices in a solution of water and salt, vitamin C, or citric acid for two minutes.This preparation method helps to prevent discoloration and bacterial growth during drying.Soak in the citrus or pineapple fruit bath for another two minutes to add flavor.
Lay the slices on the paper towel and pat the dry surface.Dip a baking brush in vegetable oil and gently cover the top of the Interior on the Batten tray of The Nevco dehydrator.
Align the tray with the prepared food slices, leaving at least 1/4 of the space between each piece.Stack the tray on the base of the Nevco dehydrator and cover the stack with a ventilation cover.Plug and power supply for Nevco food dehydrator.
Depending on the moisture level of the food, open the outlet on the Nevco dehydrator base and cover.Slide the bottom vent to the "1" or "2" position of most medium moisture foods and for wet and dense products like meat, open all the way to "3.Set the vent in the lid to the same or higher position as the bottom to produce an upward airflow.
When you are satisfied with the moisture level, remove the dry food slices from the Nevco dehydrator.Before bending the product, let the dry product cool completely to see if it is flexible, wet or crispy to dry.
Turn off and unplug the empty Nevco dehydrator and clean it thoroughly.Wipe all surfaces of the tray and lid with a little soap sponge.Rinse the soap off the sponge and wipe the soap off the device, then let the soap dry separately.
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