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must-have apple gadget - best food dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-25
must-have apple gadget  -  best food dehydrator
When we are all crazy about gadgets, kitchenware sales are heating up.
In addition to the ipad and ipod, Apple master peeler and corer are just one of the new favorites
Modern home gadgets.
Here, Sun food columnist Alex James takes a taste of the strange and wonderful gadgets offered here.
Not long ago, I walked into my branch in Lakeland, a local kitchen chain, for an afternoon.
I have been going back since then.
But with space, which gadgets can save us time and energy, and which ones can collect dust?
I got help from grandma and the kids and tested some unusual options for this store. A)
Jet lamp for luxury cooking, £ 28.
99: The best appliances are not just making life easier, they will also get results that you can't achieve.
This belongs to that category.
The restaurant baked goat cheese with a spray light, and the rest were different.
It makes me feel a little hard when I use it! B)
My kitchen food dehydrator £ 50
99: Grandma and children like to slice fruits and vegetables to dry, and the dehydrator is very simple to use.
Especially the dried oranges. They made great snacks.
But it's OK to put them in the fan oven. C)
Chefn STEMGEM, 6.
29: I have tried to peel strawberries and tomatoes with these gadgets before, but they are all rubbish, but this new improved design is really successful.
I was picky about taking chewy out of tomatoes, so it changed my life. D)
Fast pop music producer ZOKU, £ 40.
Said in the box, 10 minutes later, lollipop.
The kids were crazy before we found out you needed to put it in the fridge for 24 hours first.
It would be simpler and cheaper to put the mold directly into the refrigerator.
Give it a cold shoulder. E)
Banana Guard, 5.
49: case of protecting your banana from bruises.
If you have a fetish for bananas, or if your child has always enjoyed eating fruit --
You may want to invest in a related accident.
Otherwise, there is no need at all. F)POACHPODS, £4.
99 points for two: it is said that these silicon cups can provide perfect poached eggs.
You just apply a layer of oil, break the eggs inside, and float in boiling water.
But I found it to be longer than the traditional method and my boiled breakfast tasted bad. A rotten idea. G)
Butter Bud, 4.
29 40 bags: Grandma was shocked by this low
The calorie butter powder you sprinkle on your food.
The kids are curious, but only because they think it's sugar.
It reminded her of the war, grandma said: "Alex, the egg powder is great, but this thing is terrible.
Don't let anyone buy it.
Insist on eating something fresh. H)
20-year-old Cohn Riken sugar cream decorative pen. 99: A battery-
Electric icing pen at two speeds for controlling icing flow.
It's easy to use and kids like to write their initials on cream cheese crackers.
It might be nice if you eat a lot of cupcakes, but is this a good thing to encourage? I)
13-year-old master Apple
99: you just stick the apple to ong, clip it in place, turn the handle, you can peel the fruit, cut the fruit.
The kids have been eating since then so they can use "twirler.
This is what my No1 must have. have gadget.
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