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metal wire shelving wire shelving closet repair | ehow

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-20
Wire racking is a convenient and cost-An effective way to expand the storage space of the wardrobe.It takes only a small amount of skill and experience to install these racks, so even the average homeowner will find it very easy to manage.However, shelves may break from time to time.The repair unfolds around replacing the wire rack bracket as it is the only part that is prone to breakage.This is basically the same as replacing the rack system with a new rack system, just that you already have all the parts you need.If you know how to install the shelves, you know how to fix them.
Remove all products, clothes and items from the wire rack.Clean up all the racks you need to fix.In order to give yourself more space, remove anything from the shelves above and below that you intend to repair.
Lift the wire rack from the front so that the lips are lifted from the plastic holder.Pop the back of the shelf from the back clip with your hand and remove the shelf.If the rack itself is broken or bent, replace it with a new wire rack of the same size.
Find the damaged bracket.Usually, pull the bracket out of the drywall, or the end falls off.Screw off the screw with an electric screwdriver and remove the damaged bracket.You can also pull it out of the wall directly if possible.
Fill the resulting holes with the spackling compound.Apply spackling with a plastic applicator or scraper.Let it dry for a few hours as suggested on the label.When completely dry, the spackling compound becomes bright white.
Mounting hole with electric screwdriver and 1/16-re-drill bracketInch 1 inch away from the old hole.
Insert the new bracket into the new hole and screw it into place.Be sure to use a dry wall anchor bracket that expands when screwed into the wall.
Replace the wire rack by pulling the wire rack back into the bracket along the wall and putting the lip into the bracket on the side wall.
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