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metal wire shelving how to clean wire closet shelving | ehow

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-20
The wire closet shelf is an effective way to organize the storage of items in your home.From clothes and sheets to food storage rooms and cleaning products, wire shelves are used a lot and over time it accumulates excess dust and grease depending on which closet it is inFortunately, you can clean the wire closet shelf in a very short time.Before you start, you will want to clean up the shelf and put everything aside so that there is nothing in the closet but your shelf.
Lay an old towel on the floor of the closet covering the entire floor area.Spray the wire rack with a skim, start at the top, work down until all shelves are coated with a skim and may drop water.Let the skim stay on the surface of the wire shelf for one to two minutes.
Wipe the skim from the wire with a soft side of the sponge to remove dirt and dust.Work from top shelf.Use the rough side of the sponge in a particularly greasy place, and use more skim agents if needed.Be careful not to scratch the surface of the wire shelf, but just remove the stuck-on grease.Keep wiping the shelves until they are all cleaned up.
Fill the spray bottle with clear water and spray the arrival rack again from top to bottom to remove any remaining detergent.Wipe the shelf with a clean cloth or towel to remove excess water from the wires, especially around the joints.
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