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maytag dryers - choose the right maytag dryer now and enjoy years of worry free performance - maytag electric dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-23
maytag dryers - choose the right maytag dryer now and enjoy years of worry free performance  -  maytag electric dryer
When you buy a dryer in the market, Maytag offers one of the biggest options in the market.
Maytag produces electric and gas dryers and sells a range of washer and dryer combinations designed for those with limited space or living in smaller families.
The cost of gas and power equipment is comparable, with an average cost of $60 less per dryer.
There are more than a dozen models of Maytag dryers to choose from.
While all models are white, other models have special order colors to match your d. ©Cole.
The dryer is equipped with a matching washing machine.
Maytag offers a range of affordable electric dryers, starting with a century-old model that typically costs less than $500.
The Centennial model has seven different cycles and three temperatures to choose from, with standard white.
This is a good basic dryer, it is reliable and can last you for many years.
If you're willing to spend a little more, you can buy the Bravo series dryer.
The model has features that are not visible on the Centennial model, such as heavy and fast drying options.
Bravo also has a reminder light to help you remember to empty the lint dryer and five different temperature cycles.
The high-end dryer at Maytag is known as the performance series with a front steam electric dyer.
There are two standard colors to choose from to coordinate with the performance series front loading washing machines.
The dryer comes with an automatic moisture sensor for 11 cycles, a lint filter reminder light and five temperature options.
The steam option allows you to dry or refresh your clothes, an ecology
Very popular friendly choice on today's dryer.
If you are looking for a gas dryer, Maytag has more than 12 gas dryers.
Although the gas dryers are a little more expensive, they may be better for your home.
The features of the gas and electric dryers are similar, most of them to coordinate with the Maytag washing machine.
The gas line consists of three Epic Z in different colors with fold control settings, fast drying settings, cooling period and lint filter reminder lights.
The Bravo gas dryer is also comparable to the electric dryer.
It has the same features, including settings for delicate items and bulky clothes, five moisture settings, and three colors.
Whatever Maytag dryer you choose, Maytag will provide a warranty for their product and support the warranty.
Due to the popularity of Maytag dryers, replacement parts are easy to find and can usually be purchased directly from the store where the dryer is purchased.
If your dryer fails due to a manufacturer's defect, Maytag's customer service is unmatched by any other brand of washer and dryer.
Choosing the right Maytag dryer for your home needs is simple and affordable and you will enjoy years of worry-free performance.
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