Look around this £1m flat which is now up for sale in Manchester's famous Gay Village - stainless steel rack price

by:IKE     2019-11-21
Look around this £1m flat which is now up for sale in Manchester\'s famous Gay Village  -  stainless steel rack price
A two-
Right heart of Manchester Gay Village
It's already on the market, but the price is not cheap.
Luxury apartments on Canal Street are sold on the market for more than £ 1 million.
In the decoration, people nodded to its position and painted a rainbow flag on the bare brick room of the stainless steel kitchen.
Two private terraces make the most of the view of Canal Street and the garden of Sackville-
An epic party for Manchester's proud Big Weekend.
With over 26 square feet of modern space, oak floors, beams and windows are all over the place. Remote-
Glass arched ceiling and double glass windows
The folded doors filled the apartment with light.
This high price proves how elegant the city's gay, bisexual and transgender community has become --
Previously, much less property was sold in the building, and earlier this year an apartment was sold for £ 335,000.
In just ten years, you can buy a £ 185,000 apartment in the building.
Still, this one was very impressive.
The huge master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom and a huge walk-
In the wardrobe/locker room plus free
Standing in the bathroom, access to the larger one of the two roof terraces.
Second bedroom (
Yes, only two bedrooms despite the price tag)
It also has its own separate shower.
There are two separate compartments above the living space.
In addition to the price of 1 m, there is a service fee of nearly 5000 per year to consider.
The penthouse is now on sale and vacant.
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