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jane says: dried homegrown herbs make for flavorful winter cooking - how to use a dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-09
jane says: dried homegrown herbs make for flavorful winter cooking  -  how to use a dehydrator
"What is the best way to dry and store herbs from my garden in winter?
And any tips on how to use them? ”—
HockettI was an advocate for dried garden herbs in April: Like any native food, you know exactly what you get and if you store it properly, they will take longer than they do
I bought dried herbs.
During the treatment, the food may be old, or exposed to high temperature/or light, and the contribution to the dish is nothing more than old dust.
It's easy to dry your own herbs
Especially this time of year, when we wave goodbye (well, maybe)
Humidity in summer.
Rosemary, Baili, Bay, oregano, marjoram, delicious winter, rat plum, tarragon, lemon verbena, and even fennel stems are all good options for drying.
To get the best taste, choose your healthiest, most prosperous plant and cut herbs in the "bud burst" phasei. e.
Before their flowers open, that is, when their essential oils (
Is the most concentrated.
You also want to harvest in the early morning, after the dew evaporates, but before the hot weather, in order to minimize wilting. (
For lavender flowers used in Herberth, Provence, harvest them on the same day, the flowers open and peel off the leaves. )
Rinse the herbs if they look or feel dirty or dusty, or if you suspect they have any free-riding creatures.
Spread over the clean kitchen towels to ventilate them
Dry and turn them once in a while until all surface moisture evaporates.
Remove and discard any leaves that are bruised, damaged or ill.
Peel the leaves left and right from the bottom inch of the stem, and then tie the herbs to the small bundle with a kitchen rope (
You may need to tighten the stem when it shrinks).
Hang a string upside down in the well
Ventilation room, attic or shed with direct sunlight;
Avoid using a steaming kitchen, keep in mind that the darker the room, the more colors are saved.
Although it is not necessary, it is good to have an herbdrying rack;
You will find a variety of models at the garden supply company, Williams-
Sonoma and Amazon.
Depending on the moisture content of the herbs, they can be dried from a few days to a week.
When the leaves are completely brittle and easily broken and the stems are broken when they are bent, you will know that they are ready.
Leaves retain more essential oils if they remain intact.
Peel the leaves off the stem, wrap them in a can or other closed container, label the container and date it, and store it in a cool, dark, dry place.
They should stay alive for six months to a year.
Break the leaves before using them.
If you happen to have a dehydrator, this is another great way to dry herbs, as you can easily control the temperature and circulation.
Or you can hold the counter.
Intuitive approach promoted by leading herbal gardeners Madalene Hill and Gwen Barclay (
Mother and daughter)
Who wrote about preserving herbs in a cold, dry Frost atmosphere
At the beginning of 1990, Mother Earth News provided refrigerators free of charge.
"A few years ago, in order to catch up for a Thanksgiving dinner at the table, we found an easy way to dry herbs with cold rather than heat," they explained . ".
"The rest of the meal is an extra plate of fresh herbs --
Some chopped, some whole
We were stuck in the fridge and forgot about it.
It sat there for a few days and was found hiding behind the remaining mashed potatoes.
When we found the missing plate, the herbs were crispy and dry, but they were fragrant and still delicious.
Surprisingly, parsley, dill and leeks
Herbs that are usually not suitable for drying at home --
Still green, delicious and available.
"Cook with dry, herbal-like fresh herbs that release essential oils immediately, and dry herbs release essential oils more gradually, so they are most effective in braises and other slow-food plants
Cooked food, sauces and marinade.
Because essential oils are fortified in dry herbs, they can easily drown a dish, so a wise hand is the key;
If fresh is replaced with dry herbs, replace a tablespoon with about a teaspoon of broken dried herbs.
It is also a good idea to measure the amount of steam away from anything you are cooking;
This will prevent any moisture that may cause mold to enter the jar.
Always discard dried herbs showing any traces of mold.
This recipe appears in herbs and spices: Chef reference for master Jill Norman.
The mixture, she wrote, was well mixed with Root and chicken and winter soup.
"A clove of garlic and a little bit of ground lemon peel can be used with chili peppers and works well.
"1 tbsp dry rosemary 1 tbsp dry winter Shavin 1 tbsp dry Timi 1 tbsp dry mayoram 1 tbsp freshly ground black pepper 1 tbsp ground makarash or
Mix the pepper with mace and sift.
Store in a closed container for 2 to 3 months.
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