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italiano for the holidays: perfect gifts for any foodie - fruit leather dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-06
italiano for the holidays: perfect gifts for any foodie  -  fruit leather dehydrator
It's interesting, isn't it?
There is no doubt that Christmas and other holidays around it constitute the biggest "holiday" of the year in the United States ".
But what should you eat this season?
Food sizes and directions for other holidays are much more intuitive.
Nothing is set in stone during Christmas: no Thanksgiving Turkey, no chef in July 4 --
No Easter ham.
Perhaps that is why the most popular national food in the United States, Italy, has made such great progress during the holidays.
It doesn't hurt to watch Christmas mass from the Vatican! ).
The tradition of Italian Christmas Eve is called the Feast of Seven fish, and now you can have a good time at home, even in restaurants.
It is generally believed that steaming a bowl of pasta with red sauce is festive, so many celebrations include such food.
It's fun, cheap and worth celebrating . . . . . . And it's from Italy!
If you are planning to lie on an Italian island this holiday with ten great products from Italy, you should also: 1)Buy and use; or2)
Give it to friends as a gift!
All can be delivered online!
Imported from Gustiamo (Bronx, NY)
: Tomato workawayer in Barron's house$22 for a 35. 2 oz jar)
Is there a better canned or discord tomato in the US?
I don't think so.
They're not cheap, but if you do it simply and quickly
Tomato sauce in Italy, you must pay for these. Why?
What you get is a fat glass jar full of fat, bright
Red cherry tomatoes in natural juice.
Amazing taste: wild, deep, old, sweetand-
Acid, all kinds of extra
Tomato flavors like pumpkin and sour pulp.
An extra texture stimulus comes from a firm-
Piennolos has developed from the traditional suspension on the ceiling.
What makes them so special?
They are volcanic tomatoes harvested by farms on Mt slopes.
Mount vesuwei near Naples
The soil is rich in mineral lava,Santorini-
Add extra flavor to the tomatoes.
There are not many farms left, mainly in Mount vesuwei National Park . . . . . .
Boss Gustiamo)
Put a great . . . . . . Casa Barone (
Opened on 1944)
It's the only farm to grow these tomatoes organically!
All the gains are done by hand!
There was some confusion about the name of the tomato;
Apparently, other tomato varieties of the same name have also been planted elsewhere in Italy.
However, all the tomatoes named "Piennolo" went through the "hanging" period.
Get the best (
From what I have tasted)
Make sure you get the DOP-
Approved Piennolos from Mount vesoway, which is the only one sold by Beyoncé.
Want a quick, mind-
The dinner tastes exactly like Italy?
Stir-fry some thin slices of garlic in olive oil until it is golden and has a brown taste.
Pinch Penniolos in his hand (
Keep juice for other purposes)
Throw the crushed tomatoes in the frying pan.
Add some fresh basil leaves and season with salt . . . . . . Not too much with some steaming long pasta.
The splendor of true Italian cuisine is right in your bowl.
Gennovi, Rossi 1947 ($25 for a 5. 2 oz jar)
No doubt, in my opinion: this small, imported, refrigerated jar is the best garlic in the United States. S. I mean it!
It makes me jump up and down.
I thought I was too enthusiastic! Or jumping!
Never from the jar (certainly)
Or in a restaurant, or in a good chef's home (even my home! )
Have I ever had more exciting, authentic garlic sauce in the US?
The authentic part is easy: it is made with Liguria (
Ancestral origin of garlic)
The Panizza family that has produced this product since 1947.
There are special Basil in Liguria, Panizza has-a small-
Leaf Basil growing in Pra near Genoa, protected by government DOP status!
The producers also use the Italian pine and slow-food and delicious garlic from the village of Liguria visaligu.
There is also a mix of DOP Fiore Sardo Pecorino and parparparmigiano
Reggiano of Ligurians
Virgin olive oil . . . . . . Best Salt Village in Trapani's Sicilian sea salt.
Some garlic sauce vendors put some basil in the jar.
It's not Beatrice Wuji!
This is the company she is!
The reason I like this product is the incredible layering of the taste
I mean the taste other than Basil!
Oh, and lots of fine basil for chewing.
However, neither garlic nor garlic, which is extremely restrained, can overwhelm everything.
Delicious cheese, of course-But it's also deep. Spicy down (
Not heating but spices)
It's hard to be sure.
Then the killer: the taste of meat!
I don't know what's going on with this, but everyone who has tasted this in our office agrees: There's a taste of salumi in this stuff, even mortadella!
But, of course, there is no meat at all . . . . . . It's just delicious, funny, mysterious ghost meat.
Smooth texture, bright
Green, lively acid . . . . . . How can garlic be better than this?
Because it's refrigerated, it's available every year. round!
You can buy Gustiamo products directly from their website: Gustiamo. com.
Import from Manicaretti (Oakland, CA)
: Bottarga di mugine, ITTICA d'Or (
About $75 an ounce)
Do you know about bottarga?
If not, you have to know it . . . . . . This excellent version imported by Manicaretti will be a great start!
Bottarga is sometimes considered a "caviar" of the Mediterranean Sea "(like caviar! )salt-Grilled fish eggs.
But bottarga is combined in the roe bag and is a solid group on the table (
Not like the split egg of caviar).
It's not as expensive as caviar . . . . . . Even though it's still expensive . . . . . . But it's easy to argue that bottarga is a contact when judging "complex notes per dollar!
Different fish are used in Bottarga (
And its variants)
But in Italy, the two main players are gray hairy fish (
Popular in Sardinia)and tuna (
Popular in Sicily, usually bluefin tuna, but also red tuna).
Manicaretti imports and tuna from Sardinia and Sicily;
I prefer the former.
Processed in Cabras on Sardinia, this very special bottle has a curing time of six months.
The group I received was 7 "long, 3" wide, about 5/8 "thick.
This is a dark orange color with some dark spots and a little oily/shiny on the surface.
This is perfect.
Large shaving heads. . . Because this is the way out for bottarga.
Any Shaver is OK, even the potato peeler: all you need to do is shave off long, very thin curls.
Some people like to put them on bread as appetizers;
I like it, but I prefer pasta!
You just throw as many curls as you want with steaming long boxes of pasta.
Ah, a few more rolls for decoration!
For me, when there is a little bit of butter in the mixture, it tastes the best, just like butter pasta . . . . . . Because it does a good job of echoing the taste of bottarga, it's like butter whiskey mixed with seafood.
It sounds strange, but the taste is really good, it reminds me of the butter steamer clams, just more intense.
It's definitely fish and salt . . . . . . But don't be too suspicious or salty.
Melt in your mouth like some exotic fruit leather.
Maria gratiko di pomodoro ($12 for a 3. 5 oz jar)
There is tomato sauce and tomato sauce.
There is also the food of Maria Grammatico Estratto Di.
I don't usually use ketchup during my cooking process . . . . . . But for me, this product will now be a staple in the popular pantry.
I was first attracted by Maria's name;
She is the most famous baker in Sicily, and she runs a bakery on a steep hill. town Erice (
Right by the sea)
Sweet place of pilgrimage
Italian gourmet.
I went to Erice's store 3 or 4 times myself.
But delicious products? Who knew? I know now.
She began with the Sicilian transmission of the heir variety of San Masano tomatoes, washed the tomatoes with her hands, and then spread out on a long wooden board called tauleri.
Tomato season, the boards dry on Maria's roof!
Right on the pasticceria in Erice!
They baked eight in the summer sun in Sicily-
10 days . . . . . . Be brought inside every night to prevent any night moisture on the paste!
They returned to the roof at Sunrise, where, twice a day, turned the paste over with a large and flat wooden spatula to ensure uniform drying and uniform consistency.
Penny of salt (right nearby)
Complete the process, when the paste is transferred to candelari, the large clay urn covered with a thick layer of Sicily
Virgin olive oil
In New York, the sauce I saw in a small glass jar was the thickest tomato sauce I 've ever seen, almost like a huge chunk of extremely dark blood --red hashish (
Someone told me about marijuana).
Surprisingly strong: huge, ripe tomato flavors, layers of nuances, press the "ancient civilization" button in your mind.
A little sweet, not too sweet, but also very happyy with acid. Endless finish.
Most users will first think of mixing it into delicious tomato sauce, which will definitely make your red color Noble.
But it can also be used as a stew . . . . . . As part of the marinade . . . . . . Friction with barbecue.
And the simplest usage, perhaps the best: Brussels!
Bake some delicious bread with extra apply
Virgin olive oil, then medium-
Spread of Estratto di tomato workawayers.
What you can't refuse is an appetizer from Sicily.
Prio Grano Sani A pezi$8. 95 for 1. 1 lbs. )
Rustichella d'Abruzzo, one of the best pasta manufacturers in Italy, recently developed the Primo Grano Series, meaning "first grain ".
A few years ago Gianluigi Peduzzi decided that in addition to his perfectly balanced Abruzzo,Canada-
He wanted to do what his grandfather did: make pasta with only local wheat.
The Abruzzese Institute of Agriculture has helped to identify the local wheat varieties of heir (
Such as Varano and mongibelo)
. . . . . . Today, 14 farmers from near Pianella (
Where is the factory)
These ancient Abruzzese varieties are being planted for Russian cuisine (
Of course, before being transported back by truck to Pianella, they have to be shipped to the perfect factory in Puglia).
They say the resulting pasta is as fragrant as freshly baked bread --confirmed! —and “softer.
I was confused about the last one, but finally understood what it meant.
When you cook the Primo Grano pasta, they arrive very decisively during the "cooking" phase, instead of staying there like starch
Company as a regular visitorline pastas.
It's a huge gospel when you cook simpler shapes, and sometimes it's hard to do just right.
A perfect example is this outstanding traditional Abruzzese Sagne A Pezzi, A small square about 1 "on each side, with crazy waves on the edges.
When you get soft all the way, there's no starch and no hardness . . . . . . But they are very attractive.
It's fun to eat!
I love burly Sagne a Pezzi with the meat sauce.
Capelli croccandy ($15 for a 1. 05 oz jar)
Two years ago, when I visited the small island of panteria on the southwest coast of Sicily, I was certainly impressed by its most famous product, capers.
I know a lot about this unopened bud: Why does caper size bring a lot of aesthetic differences (
Little better! )
, Why is the Mandarin preserved in salt better than the Mandarin preserved in salt water (
Strong taste), etc.
I visited La Nicchia, a great producer, and visited the farm and the product site.
I like their salt.
Cured some of the best capers in AmericaS. —
Both importing countries Gustiamo and Manicaretti.
But Manicaretti went to a better one.
They imported another product, the most amazing caper I 've ever tasted at nicelleria, the amazing crispy caper of La Nicchia.
Each one is dark brown, small raisin size.
They don't taste as strong as ordinary La Nicchia capers --
But they extracted a burnt nut flavor from the dehydrator, which was fantastic.
And texture-
Very crisp, just like it was blown up.
I like them as cocktail snacks, just when they are alone . . . . . . But they can also be an amazing decoration for the right dishes: Sailfish in tomato sauce, butter pasta, Masala's
Sicilian people like to pour food with crispy crumbs: why don't Sicilian people eat crispy capers?
Special note: they lose their crispness after opening, so please eat them as soon as possible. PISTACCHIOSA (
Sicilian pistachio with extra virgin olive oil)
Cole del gerstowe (
$16 for an 8-ounce can)
Manicaretti's Rovio Baramendi recently made an amazing discovery: at a farmer's market in Rome, he discovered the products of Il Colle del Gusto made of ice cream
The manufacturer and his olivesoil-making, B&B-owning wife.
There are about 15 types of spreads, but I like Sicily pistachio best.
This is a Dark Army. type of green-
Gray, muddy texture like a really thick tahini.
The dominant flavor is almost roasted nuts. It is a sure-fire “WOW! ” extractor.
The more subtle specificity of pistachio nuts appears on your tongue.
Play your imagination in dessert time
Even like Sicilian, consider the combination of pistachios and grilled swordfish!
The product made its debut in the US this year, and outside of Italy, there is no place except Manicaretti and "a store in Belgium.
"Talk exclusive!
The lines of Manicaretti are targeted, restaurants, retail stores.
But the miracle of miracles, they do have a "Partner Store ".
Online com that sells the entire product line to consumers.
Now, if you want to buy great Manicaretti products on a brick,and-
Storage, you can use the shop search on manicarti.
Find the website of manicurti
No matter which country you live in, there are retail stores closest to you.
Import from Ritrovo (Seattle, WA)
: The tradition of Farina Alsa ORECCHIETTE, Priya, dikuenzo ($10 for 1 lb. )
These little pasta "ears" from Puglia with strange Brown
Gray, the best dry orecchiette I have ever had. Wow!
The strange social history of Pugliese is right behind them.
In the feudal era, the nobles harvested the fields for their own needs, and then burned the fields after harvesting . . . . . . Local farmers were then allowed to cross the burned fields.
Please help me!
The brown wheat that farmers were able to grab turned into pasta, known as farina arsa, or "burnt flour ".
"Today, Pugliese producer Di Cuonzo Bake flour in the oven in memory, which increases the och color you can see through the packaging. But the flavor! Earthy-
Nuts, of course, have a sweet aftertaste.
Chewing is about normal for orecchiette: very large, there is a little extra chewing on the outside of the "ear" and a little lighter chewing on the "ear.
"The sauce is magically filled.
Performed well in the Pugliese combination of aurechte, sausage and bitter dish.
CAPERBERRIES, casina rossa, procek ($9. 50 for a 6. 3 oz jar)
Most of us know the story: if the producer doesn't pick it, it stays on plants and flowers.
Then you have a flower hat (
I'm pretty sure who won't eat it. .
But like grapes, peaches and countless other things . . . . . . Flowers are the predecessor of fruit!
Therefore, later in the season, after the flowers fall, the "fruit" of the mountain cap bush grows in the place before the flowers (
The captain was there before that! ).
This fruit is a caperberry, my friends.
Its color is similar to that of Carper, a little lighter and, of course, much larger --
Something like an olive.
It also has completely different ways of chewing;
The texture is more complex and you can feel the plants inside.
If you serve only one caperberry and cocktail
Because it's a hot project, there's a lot outside-
I highly request you to serve this!
They are smaller than some, but what they give up on size makes up for the lack of flavor.
It's a good idea to give them a lawsuit;
It tastes very sweet. and-sour. (
One of the owners of this Sicilian business is from the home of proseck, Veneto! )
I like chewing best: you can feel the seeds on your teeth just before you chew the seeds.
It's like eating ripe okra with no flesh blur and mucus.
Organic honey, adiapicoltura ($16 for an 8. 8 oz jar)
The Orange of this grain
Orange Honey is one of the most delicious honey I 've ever had.
Interestingly, the results of the taste have little to do with exotic Abruzzese wild flowers, at least on the surface (
Lupinella, grass)
These bees are buzzing.
I can't taste very deep here.
Basic honey taste.
But I did taste the passion for the fifth time.
A generation of beekeepers, who have 2000 beehives on property throughout the Chieti area
And keep moving the hive from place to place so they can touch the flowers best!
All products of Ritrovo are available through thesagora. com.
Reader's note: All the above products are selected by me and will appear-
With dozens of others! —
In the first new ROSENGARTEN Report to be published in December 15.
If you would like to learn more about the great products in Italy, Italy and the best American importers, please log in to David Rosengarten.
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