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irish food start-ups beginning to scale new heights - beef jerky dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-19
irish food start-ups beginning to scale new heights  -  beef jerky dehydrator
According to the latest figures from Bord Bia, Ireland's food export industry is booming.
Irish beef exports are 2 euros.
5bn and dairy products each year, worth 4bn euros, now account for 1-
Ruth Doris wrote the third of our food and beverage exports.
Taking advantage of Ireland's global reputation for small producers, quality raw materials and a clean, unspoiled environment, dairy products begin --
ANU dairy is producing vitamin K2-
Rich organic Irish butter, while family-owned Rucksnacks make snacks from grass. fed Irish beef. googletag. {});
Ireland is now the largest butter exporter in Europe, with overseas sales of Irish butter up 60% in 2017 to nearly 900 euros.
Kevin Kennedy of Ano dairy is riding the tide of Irish butter.
However, he said that his organic products from 100% grass-
Feeding cattle, something special;
High vitamin k2 content.
Mr. Kennedy, who owns the Cork cross-fitness center, began studying the benefits of vitamin K2 in his diet, when he was interested in what he called "Ancestral health exercise.
"While the word Paleo is used to describe the trend, he says it is actually improving health by returning to the way our ancestors eat, which means meat and vegetables.
"People are shifting from low-fat apply to butter," he said . ". {});
Through his research, he found a link between the level of K2 in milk and the health of the soil.
Organic farming has improved and maintained the diversity of soil microorganisms that have been transformed into milk, he said.
Mr. Kennedy started with the SOSV accelerator in 2016, when it was called an independent creature and now called the UCC's Rebel Bio, who was initially working on the development of probiotics.
Then he became interested in k2.
The company, in partnership with a farmer in Limerick, decided to bring butter to the market.
Since butter uses only about 5% of raw materials, Mr Kennedy said the company is developing other products such as high-protein yogurt, probiotic drinks and kefirs to take advantage of the remaining skim.
So far, Kinsale-
The headquarters business received 90,000 euros from SOSV and a 8% stake.
The company also received support from the local enterprise office in the form of feasibility and start-up grants, as well as a "proof of innovation" for Irish businesses ".
At present, ANO dairy is focusing on the German organic market worth about 8 euros.
At the same time as product development, Mr. Kennedy said that the mission of anu Dairy is to create nutritious products from healthy soil, make farmers make money, connect consumers with local farmers and stimulate rural communities
Mr Kennedy claims that biodiversity is 82% of the grass in Irish farmland, 400,000 km of the hedges, and that Irish farms have "amazing" biodiversity. googletag. {});
He believes that by encouraging more farmers to accept organic agriculture, Irish agriculture, especially beef and dairy products, can play an active role in climate change.
Founder Rucksnacks corm Connolly is growing on a five
A generation of beef cattle farms in Co Monaghan.
During the trip, he found the traditional South African snack biltong, similar to the beef jerky, and had the idea of making an Irish version of beef from a family farm.
He said making his products with Irish beef made it stand out from other beef snacks on the market.
"When we enter more export markets, we want to use the Certificate of Irish beef.
This is one of the key things I noticed when I was tasting other beef snacks around the world;
The difference in flavor, texture and taste that we can achieve with Irish beef;
This is a different world.
"Mr. Connolly received funding from his local corporate office and was supported by Irish businesses, including a" certificate of innovation "that allowed the company to work with food in Fullerton
The products of Rucksnacks have been developed for a year and are now in stock at the SuperValu stores in Cavan, Monaghan, Meath and Dublin and can also be purchased online.
Mr. Connolly hopes to expand significantly to the gym and independent retailer in 2018 by promoting the Rucksnacks as a healthy and delicious alternative to protein bars. googletag. {});
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