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industrial shelving - industrial metal shelving

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-11-25
industrial shelving  -  industrial metal shelving
There are different types of industrial shelves to choose from: wire shelves, mobile shelf system, double rivet shelves, open metal clip shelves, closed metal clip shelves, steel shelves with modular drawer storage, round shelves, etc.
Additional attachments are available to help organize items.
The comparison of industrial shelf rack systems is durable and modular.
They are rugged and easy to adjust to meet different items.
Dust structure considering wire structure-
Up is very simple and easy to maintain and clean.
Additional shelf units can be purchased to store more items.
The mobile shelf system is designed to take up vast space, but allows you to double the space of your existing facilities.
The system reduces the space used on traditional shelves, allowing you to save time moving from one shelf to another, reducing inventory costs in integrating materials and recycling items.
Double rivet shelves, open metal clip shelves, and closed metal clip shelves all provide great weight.
They are perfect for manufacturing because they are easy to assemble and disassemble
Change the workspace and storage area.
Similar to other industrial shelves, these are modular and you can easily add more shelves with existing ones.
Round shelves allow you to take advantage of the space that is not accessible to traditional shelves.
Suitable for production area, repair room, warehouse, parts counter, hardware store or home center.
Additional accessories such as drawers, plastic boxes, partitions or additional modular shelves can be obtained to increase the existing shelves, thus providing better organization.
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