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industrial metal shelving how to paint metal shelves | ehow

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-20
Some people may think that because the metal is very smooth,Porous material, it will be difficult to draw??But with the right preparation, it's the same to draw metals and draw other things.For metal shelves, the first thing to consider is whether the shelves are indoors or outdoors, as this will affect the type of paint you buy.You donâ??If the old metal racks are no longer suitable for d-frame, there is no need to throw them away©Koro??Just give them a little paint and they can??As good as new.
Put warm water and detergent into the bucket and clean the shelves thoroughly??Cleaning the shelves ensures that there is no dust, grease, oil or other substance on the shelves, which may prevent the primer from sticking well.
Wipe the shelf with a dry soft cloth and dry it.A little rough on the shelf with steel wool??a steel-Wired brush can be replaced.Dust thoroughly with another dry soft cloth.
Paint the entire shelf with a metal primer, apply with short, even strokes.As required by the manufacturer??Dry time is recommended.
Paint the whole shelf with finish coating??Make sure the paint you bought is compatible with primer??Reading the instructions on the primer and paint is very important to ensure that all your efforts are not wasted by mistakeMatching paint works.If not sure, please ask the staff at the paint store for help.Re-Can be coated if required and dried as required by the paint manufacturer??s instructions.
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