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What Are the Balls on a Rose Bush Called After the Flower Falls Off?

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-04

industrial food dehydrator What Are the Balls on a Rose Bush Called After the Flower Falls Off?
The small round fruit that appears on the rose bush at the end of the growing season is called the Rose fruit. The hip is the ovary of the rose plant, wrapped in rose seeds. For hundreds of years, rose buttocks are rich in vitamin c a and B and are valued for their nutritional and medicinal value. Today, the hips are appreciated mainly because of their ornamental value and their sweetness. tart flavor. After late summer or early autumn frost, rose hips mature. Depending on the type of rose plant, the hips may be as small as peas, or as large as a Haitang. While they are often harvested and used in a variety of ways, leaving the hips in plants provides color and texture for the winter landscape. Usually, the plumpest and attractive rose fruit is found on the old garden rose or bush rose (such as Rosa rugosa. Newer roses, such as hybrid tea or flower-rich roses, regularly remove flowers throughout the season, creating smaller hips and less vibrant colors. In addition to their viewing effects, birds and small mammals often enjoy hips. Rose hips mature after four months of appearance. Mature rose hips are sturdy and plump but not dry or soft. Some hips turn bright red when they mature, while others may turn golden, purple or orange tones, while others may stay green and do not change the color at all. Harvest the buttocks of the rose, picking or cutting from the bushes. If you're going to use your hips as food, make sure the Bushes are not treated with chemical pesticides. To extract the seeds from the center of the rose hip, cut the hips in half with clean scissors or a sharp craft knife and scrape off the seeds.

If you are going to use the hips in the kitchen, discard the seeds and save them if you would like to try to grow new rose shrubs. If you need to keep a lot of seeds, put a hip in a blender container with about a glass of water and mix the mixture. Don't worry about destroying the seeds as minor scratches and scratches help the seeds to germinate. Pour the seeds through the filter and then sprinkle the wet seeds to dry in the newspaper. Pick dry rose seeds from plant substances with fingers or tweezers. The hips have the potential to irritate the small hairs of the skin, so when you do this, you may want to wear gloves. In order to germinate, the rose seeds need a cold period called the stratification. Bury the seeds in plastic bags filled with damp peat moss and store the seeds in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator for about 60 days. When the cooling-off period is over, fill a shallow container with a commercial potting mixture of about 2 inches and plant the seeds at about 1/4 deep. Place the container in the room where the seeds are exposed to strong light and the temperature remains at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit. After five to six weeks, each seedling is transplanted into a separate flowerpot. The rose bushes planted by the seeds have matured in about three years. Some kinds of rose fruit are sour, but the taste of most roses is sweet. An easy way to use fresh rose hips is to soak the hips in hot water and filter the hairy seeds to make tea. The hips are also easy to dry in the food dehydrator and can be used in tea throughout the winter. Alternatively, Michigan State University recommends placing the hips on the tray and drying in a dry, dark, good environment ventilation location. Store the dry hips in a closed container. Rose fruit is also used to make syrup, puree, sauces, jam, and jelly. To use rose hips this way, make the juice by boiling the hips in a small amount of water, and then pour the juice through the filter to remove the pulp. Make the juice sweetened with sugar or honey, or add pectin to make the jam or jelly.                                

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