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in praise of the asian pear - excalibur dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-10
in praise of the asian pear  -  excalibur dehydrator
If you have seen "people with Two Brains", a classic movie in your early 80 s, you will know that the name is very good Dr. Hfuhruhurr, pronounced "huffhur"
In a large part of the film, The Doctor (
Steve Martin)
By a half
Gold excavator (Catherine Turner)
With the promise of the future high temperature period.
But her headache-starting with her honeymoon-never seemed to have --ending;
The promised land will never come.
This largely reflects my relationship with pears.
The climate in the Southwest is not ideal for pears-rain can fuel many of their diseases, and even those who can harvest it will take some time to store to reach its peak before they can be eaten.
There are two reasons why I stick to it: I am stubborn and refuse to be beaten by trees;
Moreover, no matter how small the harvest is compared to apples, it is very special here.
There is nothing better than eating the pear's "glou morceau" or "louise Bonne" at the perfect moment.
But that perfect moment is short: as we know, pears like to mature about 10 minutes after you leave the house and quickly rot on your way home.
While I planted a few pears, I also planted a few Asian pears (Sand pear)
Four years ago, now.
Also known as nashi (
Japanese pear
Pears, crunchy apples or pears, Asian pears look like golden fingers spraying apples outside.
There is no doubt that the skin of their golden spots is Christmas and festival. Most are apple-
The shape and in most respects are very different from European pears (Pyrus communis)
What we are most familiar.
In the best place for European pears, butter and yield to a slight pressure, Asian pears are strong, very crisp, very juicy and sweet, and in some cases the aroma is strong and almost spicy.
Some went well.
Skin, other slightly ruddy.
Asian pear flower growing fruit trees: a productive task, like a familiar pear, Asian pear is a good partner for bitter leaves such as chrysanthemum, blue cheese and nuts-especially almonds-walnuts and hazelnuts.
The meat maintains its shape while cooking, so it works very well in the pie.
In addition, unlike European pears, Asian pears do not need storage time to mature: they mature in trees and are perfect for the second time when picking at the peak.
We ate most of the fresh fruit on the tree.
However, they are known for their good storage, and "shinseiki" will of course be kept in my cool garage for months.
Be careful when picking and storing fruits: their high juice content means it is easy to turn into tea
Color bruises
Asian pear in Washington, USAPicture: Alamy)
Dehydration is effective. Asian dried pears are delicious and our favorite.
Cut into pounds
Coin thickness, fruit can dry slowly in the lowest low oven for the night, but if you have even a slight tendency to buy, be sure to invest in a dehydrator.
The Excalibur dehydrator I used not only dried and kept everything from Asian pears and apricots to Sichuan pepper, but in doing so, it turns many of these pears-including Asian ones-into something completely different, although equally delicious: the spicy smell and sweetness of the pears are beautifully enhanced.
Asian pears prove to be one of the most beautiful trees in my forest garden.
Their tan light copper and green leaves are almost the same as their eyes --
It is a familiar but slightly bold pear that covers most of the tree.
Video boating fruit trees: Asian pears are a productive task and Asian pears and trees full of young fruits are so rich that it is necessary to consider fruit thinning as the trees approach maturity (
I can't lose my flowers completely)
This will not cover the trees this year, nor will it give the tree tires for the next year.
In the early days of the season, although the fruit is small, the intercutting is ideal.
The pears in Asia are very long.
A living tree that can theoretically grow under optimal conditions;
In practice, they maintain a relatively moderate size-about 15ft (4. 5m)
It is normal at a height and transmission in about ten years.
Asian pears should also be trimmed in winter.
Picture: function scan)
Pruning is the same as European pears: designed to be openCentered on the high foot Cupshaped tree.
This allows the fruit to shine and promotes the flow of air, thus minimizing the disease.
Once the shape is determined, the winter pruning is mainly to remove the growth (
Especially the water shoot)
This squeezes the center to one side, thinning the damaged or old Spurs and trimming back to the third branch where revitalization is needed.
Grow fruit trees and make your garden complete-touch the wood-all my Asian pears have proven to be resistant to any common pear disease-with healthy fruits and leaves.
They began to bear fruit in the second year, and the number of crops increased rapidly in the following two years.
Most people are ready now due to storage, a late summer food that lasts until autumn.
If it doesn't make you want to rush out and buy one right away, the leaves will turn into the most brilliant cliché of autumn colors.
Pears in Asia are also very dehydrated. Picture: Alamy)
If that's not enough, the Australian Federal Organization for Scientific and Industrial Research (CISRO)
Recently, it was found that drinking Asian pear juice on the sauce before one night can significantly reduce the hangover.
Asian pear: beautiful, productive, easy to grow, delicious and (apparently)
Enjoy a cup or two passport in the shade on a sunny autumn evening.
Of many varieties, only a few are available in the UK.
Very happy, everything is good.
"Shinseiki", "chojuro", "niitaka" and "hosui" are the varieties I plant, and although they taste subtly different, they
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Nursery for breeders (keepers-nursery. co. uk)
Nursery School (readsnursery. co. uk).
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