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ifb clothes dryer the allowable length of a dryer vent | ehow

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-21
According to the website of the Consumer Product Safety Committee, overheated clothes dryers are common causes of home fires.One of the reasons for overheating is the excessive accumulation of lint in the air outlet of the dryer.With the accumulation of lint, it can reduce the heat and moisture discharged, resulting in overheating.The longer your vent, the more likely it is to be blocked by lint and debris due to loss of air pressure, thus pushing it out of the vent.The installation of the vent can greatly fluctuate the maximum safety length.
The dryer vent hose running straight from the dryer exhaust to the outdoor provides the best ventilation and reduces the possibility of trapped lint.According to the electrical auxiliary website, when using a straight flexible metal vent hose, the maximum length allowed for safe ventilation is about 30 feet.While lint should escape and prevent overheating at this length, it is better to use a shorter length if the arrangement of your equipment allows.Flexible vinyl ventilation hoses were once common, but are not recommended today due to increased fire possibilities associated with them.They should never be used in a gas dryer.
Straight metal ventilation pipe is the best material for ventilation dryer.Parts should be installed together without the use of screws that protrude into the air path, which may become obstacles for lint to start gathering.If you use a smooth and hard metal vent, you can run up to 43 feet from the dryer vent to the outside.Again, this is the largest and should be used at the shortest possible distance.
If you will be using the maximum length allowance, make sure to do the job using the appropriate size vent hose.According to the great inspector website, you should not use any ventilation device with a diameter of less than 4 inch.The vent with a diameter of less than 4 inch greatly reduces the ability to drain heat and moisture from the machine.
If you plan to use fabric softener sheets in the dryer, they will reduce the safe length of the dryer vents.This common method of keeping clothes soft and static-free also increases the cumulative potential of each load.According to the great inspector's website, you should not use this fabric softener if your vent is over 3 feet in length.
The Hood installed on the outside of the home will affect the length of the safe operation of the dryer vent.If you are using a minimum of 4-Inch opening, maximum length unchanged.However, if you are using a louver hood, it will shorten the maximum safety length by about 2 feet.A narrow 2.5-The inch opening in the Hood shortens the maximum length by about 6 feet.
Each bend of the vent hose reduces air pressure and the ability to drain lint and moisture.In general, you should reduce the maximum vent length by 2.Every 90-5 feetThe degree of rotation of the vent hose.
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