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ice cube trays - your new best friend in storing homemade baby food - cheap plastic trays

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-11-29
ice cube trays - your new best friend in storing homemade baby food  -  cheap plastic trays
The cheapest and most economical way to store homemade baby food is in an ice cube tray.
You can find it anywhere you sell kitchenware.
There are many different kinds of ice cube trays, ranging in size and shape, as well as rubber or plastic pallets.
Their prices are within a certain range as well, but remember it's important to save money, but don't be too cheap!
Buying a truly cheap tray to store homemade baby food can upset you when you should take it out.
In the process of taking out the cube, you may break the tray or the cube will be small and you have to use half of the tray to get an ounce of food!
Be sure to buy the right size tray, usually 8-
10 cubes per tray.
You can find them for a few dollars per person.
Depending on the amount of baby food you make, it depends on how many trays you need.
Once you scoop the baby food puree into the tray for freezing, you knock the cube out, put it in a plastic bag labeled, and then reuse the tray for your next batch.
How many ounces is a cube equal?
Due to the different shape and size of the ice cube tray, the only way to determine how many ounces the Ice Cube is equivalent to is to weigh it yourself with a food scale!
Like the heart, stars and other shapes of the tray? ?
Is it really important that your food cube is shaped like a small heart or star?
Once baby food melts, you can't tell.
So it's not necessary to spend extra money on those cute pallets unless you plan to use them for another purpose or you already have them.
You can also use a frozen glass bottle or plastic container with a lid to store and freeze homemade baby food.
The covered container is very useful as you can serve your baby from the container.
They're useful to on. the-go.
Store baby food anywhere that will be useful to you, but be sure to purchase containers that are safe for refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashers.
Store and freeze homemade baby food in an ice cube tray and then transfer it in a plastic bag, not only saving you money, but also making sure you have food for up to 2 months!
You can mix and match the food cube or make as much or as little food as you need.
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