i'm addicted to infomercials - best food dehydrator

by:IKE     2020-01-23
i\'m addicted to infomercials  -  best food dehydrator
Logan Saken is Ray of Portland. -
A writer who covers personal finance for Bundle.
I avoid watching TV commercials at all costs.
I move fast through them, mute, and read the Twitter update on them.
Because if I run into an ad while on the Surf Channel, I stop.
Enthusiastic salesman, satisfied customer, 800-
Please call the number--
It's entertainment and I can easily shake.
The active speaker has no apologies for the enthusiasm of the product and its advantages, and I appreciate this transparency.
They don't sell soda by selling sex.
They sell a blanket with weapons.
There are only bland stage sets as props that detail every reason and way the product changes your life.
I want to change my life.
In high school, I saw an advertisement about fruit dehydrator.
People with food dehydrator are healthy and happy and I need one.
When I asked my mother for one, I pointed out that the food dehydrator has the ability to change the way I eat, give me more energy, more nutrition, and save money for my parents.
My mother thought it was very unlikely that I would replace Oreo with dried apple slices.
She's right, but I don't know yet.
My first straightfrom-
Buying TV as an adult is not a food dehydrator (I moved on)
But a $50 magic bullet mixer
I saw this ad, its versatility (make salsa! whip eggs! chop garlic! shred cheese! )
I'm sure it will make me a family chef. It didn't work.
I don't use magic bullets for pre-meal prep or salsa dancing.
The only thing I can do is make smoothies. -
I have done something with my normal mixer.
Most of the products I bought were eventually thrown into the trash can or goodwill because they didn't change my life as I thought they would when I bought them.
Tomato growers ($4. 99)
Not turning me into a gardener.
A serious skin care system ($39. 95)
Did not turn me into a person with perfect skin;
Debbie Meyer's Green Bag ($9. 95)
Did not turn me into a person who kept fresh vegetables from the farmer's market;
Perfect pushUp ($39. 95)
Not turning me into a person who can pushups.
I thought they would. -
They will. -
But they don't. No.
The product will not change who you are.
I don't like cooking;
There is no tool to change this.
Fitness comes from practice and no product will force me to do the job every day.
My list of things shows I have a quick $500 value
Fix the product that is designed to change my habits and life, I know there may be at least so much in the trash or floating around my local Goodwill.
It's a lot of money for me.
However, the lost money also taught me a lesson: there is no quick solution;
I can't buy different habits. -
At least not in the store, not on the phone.
I am paying for treatment right now and this is the last frontier area I am looking to change.
I know it's not a quick one. fix, either.
I'm going to pay $200 a month. There's nothing to say. No stuff. No products. No promises.
But this could be the best start: not accepting the promise of rapid change, not buying.
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