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how to sun-dry foods at home: use solar power to preserve foods! - food dehydrator recipes

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-26
how to sun-dry foods at home: use solar power to preserve foods!  -  food dehydrator recipes
Sun: all-
Since our species, humans have used the dehydration power of the summer sun to preserve food.
Herbs, fruits, vegetables and meat can be dried successfully using the heat of the Sun and some basic equipment.
According to your location (
Basically the summer humidity in your area)you can sun-
Dry food in the sun or on a tray using a solar dehydrator.
At night or when the humidity suddenly rises, be sure to put dry food in it (
Like a storm in summer. .
Continue drying food in the outside Sun the next morning.
You live in a hot and dry place where you can bask in the sun
Place the food on the screen tray and cover the tray with a cheese cloth to prevent pests and thus dry the food.
This method works best in weather conditions where temperatures are around 100 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity is low for several days. Only sun-
If you live in an area without air pollution and stay away from busy roads, eat dry food.
The particles in the air can settle on your dry food.
Buy window gauze at hardware store and use it as a dry tray.
Wash the tray thoroughly and line up with cheese cloth.
Place the food you want to dry on the lined tray, leaving room for the airflow around each piece of food.
Cover the food with a layer of cheese cloth so that insects and small pests do not get into the food.
Fix the cheese cloth on the tray with clothes.
Put the tray on the table outside in the sun.
Enhance the airflow below the tray by using wooden boards or books.
To dry herbs, wash them thoroughly and allow the water to evaporate to dry.
Herbs dry quickly in hot summer, and if the humidity is low, it is better to dry in strong sunlight.
3-check whether the herbs are dry after5 hours.
Properly dried herbs should be broken easily.
It can take days for fruits and vegetables to dry, so please check the weather forecast to make sure the temperature stays high and the humidity stays low.
Clean the food thoroughly and cut into uniform slices of about 1/4 "to 3/8" thick.
Be your own Sun
Dried persimmon, dried apricot, dried plum and so on.
It is dry when the food is leather
Like soft, no wet spots.
If your food is not completely dry in the sun, use the oven to avoid corruption.
Fruits and vegetables are best dried around 130-140 F.
Check your oven thermometer to see if your oven light or gas stove indicator keeps the oven in this range.
If the temperature can be kept below 150 degrees F, open the oven, or turn to the lowest setting to keep the door open.
Because you can't control the temperature when the sun rises
Dry the food on the tray and don't try to bask in the sun
Dry meat that does not use a solar dehydrator (see below).
The solar dehydrator gets a little bit of help from science to improve and maintain the temperature inside the dryer.
At home, the solar water dehydrator is easy to make.
You can find online plans to create a simple, basic solar dehydrator or a solid dehydrator that will continue to be used over the next few years.
A wide range of plans can be accessed by building solar energy.
Com, or take a look at the solar food dryer: how to make and use your own low
Cost, high performance, Sun-
Eben v. Electric food dehydratorFodor.
If you want to use the power of the sun to dehydrate food, but living in a humid or mild environment, a solar dehydrator is a must --weather area.
Drying food outside under less than ideal conditions can only produce a lot of mold!
The use of a solar dehydrator will greatly reduce the time it takes to dry food in the sun.
You also have to use a solar water dehydrator to safely bask in the sun. dry meats.
Since the degree of drying of meat is preferably around 155 degrees Fahrenheit, only a solar dehydrator can produce and maintain the temperature of dry meat outdoors safely.
More information about sun-
Food drying and instructions for making a simple solar dehydrator, see Food drying for Marcella Shaffer.
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