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how to mend a broken tumble dryer - dryer drum belt

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-17
how to mend a broken tumble dryer  -  dryer drum belt
If your drum dryer is not running efficiently, there are likely to be one of three things: the heating element is broken;
Need to replace the hook or pin;
Or you need a new dryer belt.
Fortunately, all three problems can be solved by themselves.
Please note that while it is possible to complete these repair tasks, if you have any questions about your own DIY capabilities, please call the professional.
Before starting these DIY jobs, make sure you have the correct replacement parts for your tumbler dryer type and brand.
If your drum dryer is rotating but not heating, then your heating element may be faulty, please replace the heating element.
To replace it, you need to remove the old one first.
To do this, remove the back plate of the dryer by unscrewing the five screws that fix the dryer.
To extract the drum dryer heating element itself, look for two screws that hold it in place.
These are the most likely ones.
There is also a plug connector in the lower left corner.
You will need to unscrew the screws and then remove the plug connector to make sure that no cables will be returned from the dryer.
Don't panic if they do.
To retrieve them, you can remove the side panel of the dryer.
Once all of the above is done, simply screw in the new heating element and re-
Connect the plug in the lower left corner and screw it back to the rear panel.
If you find that the door on the dryer does not remain closed, there is a good chance that your lid or latch is broken.
In order to replace the latch, find the screw located directly below the latch.
This will keep it in place.
Screw this off and the latch pops up from the slot.
Now insert the new latch and replace the screw.
If you can hear the motor running but the tub is not spinning then your drum dryer Belt may break please change the belt.
Of these three common drum dryer problems, this is the trickiest one.
But it's still possible.
To solve this problem, you need to get into the drum first.
To do this, remove the top panel of the tumble dryer and remove the panels on both sides.
Then remove the whole in front of the machine.
The best way to do this is to remove the door first by unscrewing the hinge.
Then, depending on your machine type, you may have to remove the reservoir.
This is of course the case with the condensate tumble dryer.
The next step is to remove the control panel.
This should be clipped.
However, it can still be connected via some cables.
If so, before you remove the cables, either tag them or write down which cable is where to go.
This will be invaluable when you come to replace and reconnect the control panel.
To complete the disassembly of the front panel, look for two spade connectors that will keep the front panel and disconnect them.
Next, you need to remove the front of the chassis.
Before proceeding, wedge something soft but sturdy under the drum in order to give it some support so that all the weight of the drum does not press on the bearing on the back.
To remove the front of the chassis, fix the two screws in place at each corner and unscrew them.
To remove the chassis pull at the top, then lift it at the bottom.
You should be able to use the belt now.
Remove the old one and slide the new one around the drum.
Then replace the front chassis.
Before we replace all the panels, the last thing is to connect the belt to the shaft or tension pulley of the motor.
Then, rotate the drum several times to make sure the belt is arranged correctly.
Once it rotates satisfactorily, you can start replacing the panel.
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