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how to make yummy treats in your dehydrator - how to make a food dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-27
how to make yummy treats in your dehydrator  -  how to make a food dehydrator
The food dehydrator is a great addition to any kitchen.
Its ability to make delicious and healthy snacks, as well as its role in food preservation, makes food dehydrants an indispensable tool for vegetarians and vegetarians.
It would be very comforting to know that the snacks your family spends don't have to be shops --
Bought commercially. made kind.
With the food dehydrator, the possibility of snacks is endless;
Health, all changes
Natural snacks can be easily made at home.
This article will provide you with some good ideas for making delicious food in a dehydrator.
Usually, dried peach is a kind
Fruits loved by adults and children.
The process of making these healthy dry snacks is quite simple.
Just peel, cut in half, take out the seeds and slice them.
When exposed to air, if you wish, the fruit will change color and soak in lime juice for a few minutes to avoid this.
Enter the dehydrator and your work is done.
The time required for complete drying will depend on the power of the dehydrator and the size of the wedge.
The wedge is done with absolutely no moisture at the time of cutting and inspection. Raisins!
If you 've never made raisins at home, it's time to try this simple recipe.
However, you will find that the taste of your homemade raisins is slightly different from the variety purchased in the usual store.
This is because you are completely natural and have a preservative.
Place the washed grapes in a dehydrator of about 135 degrees.
Cutting the grapes in half will speed up the drying process.
Delicious fruit leather is hard to find someone who doesn't like fruit rollsups.
They are absolutely delicious and interesting to eat.
While it's easy to buy at grocery stores, your homemade version is absolutely healthy without additives.
A very common way to make fruit leather is to start with ripe fruit, which is optional, because you can start the process with raw fruit if you want.
Stir the fruit until smooth;
A small amount of water can only be added if absolutely necessary.
Pour the fruit puree onto the non-stick tray and place it in the dehydrator at 140 degrees.
The duration of the drying process depends on the water content of the slurry;
However, it is expected to wait about 6-8 hours.
When completely dry, peel off the sheet and cut into strips and rolls. Yum Yum! !
The crispy banana crust is very delicious at home.
You can enjoy crispy and delicious food without the usual unhealthy accompaniment;
Such as hydrogenation oil and salt.
Simple slices, soaked in lime juice, put into the dehydrator, preferably overnight-
Depending on how crispy you like it!
These chips are a great alternative to popcorn for family movie nights!
At present, it is easy for people to get access to unhealthy snacks, so it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Now with the food dehydrator you can actually make it easier for yourself to eat!
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