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how to make a food dehydrator What are Sweetbreads

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-10
If you have questions about sweet bread, the following article may give you an answer.
Is the amount of the pancreas or thyroid in your diet not enough?Do you want to enlarge it?Well, there is a dish that you can taste to the fullest and not even feel guilty about, because you will get such a dose of thyroid and pancreas in your diet!So far, I think, you may already have what I have hinted!Yes, I have no other reference except the delicious sweet bread!To be specific, these should not be confused with sweet meat and sweet bread, which are the pancreas and thyme of calves, lambs or piglets (under 1 year old.These are also classified or classified as official in cooking terms.If this is not enough for your desire to know more about sweet bread, what they are and the like, then the next text is for you!
The name Sweetbread is completely different from its actual name, and the etymology of the word may be a possible explanation of the name.The word is said to have originated in ancient English and may be called sweet because of the rich and sweet taste of thymus.Bread must have come from the Old English word "braed", referring to meat.However, sweet bread is also called "ris ".Thymus is called throat sweet bread and pancreas is called heart or stomach sweet bread.These are usually obtained from calves and lambs.Sweet bread is spherical, and sweet bread in the throat revolves around them and is cylindrical.Also eat beef sweet bread, but less beef sweet bread than calf and lamb.
Preparing sweet bread meat is the first step before making any delicious bread with sweet bread.First, soak the sweet bread in cold water for at least a few hours.Sometimes it is even saved for 24 hours.This is essential for removing any possible traces of blood, and it helps to have a sweet bread that tastes mild.After completion, hot ironing is required.To blanch, they must be placed in a pan with cold water.It's a good idea to put a little salt, vinegar and lemon juice in the water.Boil the mixture.Let them simmer for a few minutes if you have sweet stomach bread.After finishing, take out the sweet bread and put it in ice water.This process helps to further remove impurities after initial immersion.It can also tighten the tissue for easy trimming and slicing.
Also, to trim, remove any veins visible with the stent.In addition to this, don't forget to remove the thick outer membrane covering the organs.Once this is done, the sweet bread must be squeezed.To do this, they must be placed on a clean towel in a shallow pan or tray.Avoid piling up wheat bread, and once the layer is finished, put another towel on the top of the first layer.Eventually cover it with a tray or pan of the same size.Now, put a heavy object on the last tray.Put this thing in the fridge for at least a few hours.Finally, once the sweet bread is pressed well, they are strong enough to cut into ideal shapes.Sweet bread recipes can then be made by frying, frying or grilling.Sweet bread recipes can be further enhanced with classic white or brown sauce.
On the whole, sweet bread is a very special food and is considered delicious.The amount of processing and processing it needs, I guess, illustrates why it's delicious!Though, nothing sweet!Bon Appetit!
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