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how to make a food dehydrator Tips for Making Delicious Country Gravy from Scratch

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-11
No comfort food is complete before being balanced by delicious country gravy.Learn how to make country gravy at home in minutes using the following delicious recipes.
Cooking country gravy from scratch is the easiest thing to do.This simple recipe requires neither any obscure ingredients nor a lot of time.Anything spicy can be controlled with a very neutral taste of this sauce, and for the table anything that looks too little can be filled with this gravy.
You can eat with mashed potatoes and meat, rest assured that in both cases it will be tasted equally.In addition to the basic gravy of flour, milk, salt and pepper, you can make various combinations yourself.You can match it with many different delicacies and try the seasoning of it.Let's take a look at the different ways you make gravy to add fun color to your dinner.

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Heat the oil in a big frying pan.
Add flour, salt and pepper to the oil and stir until smooth.
Let this cook for about 10 minutes until the flour turns slightly yellow.
Slowly pour milk as you continue to stir.Make sure no hard blocks are formed.
Continue to stir until the milk is thick.
If the gravy becomes too strong, add a little more water to achieve the desired consistency.

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Start work with meat first.
Mix flour, seasoning salt, black pepper, chili and Cayenne in a bowl.In another bowl, stir the eggs and milk into a foam mixture.
Sprinkle some Jewish salt and a little pepper on the meat, then immerse in the egg mixture.
Next, put the meat into the flour mixture and make a thin layer on it.
Add some oil to the frying pan and add butter to the medium heat.
When the butter starts hissing, put the meat inside and let it cook.
Heat oil and stir-fry in a big frying pan©Flour, salt and pepper until smooth.
Cook the flour to Brown and stir with milk to make a thick gravy.
Make sure you keep stirring to avoid any lumps.
Soak the excess oil from the meat with a tissue and pour the country gravy on it for a delicious dinner!

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In the medium-Cook pork with onion, green pepper, red pepper slices and garlic until the pork is crispy.
Add butter, salt and remaining pepper to the meat mixture in the frying pan.Sprinkle all the butter when it starts to meltpurpose flour.
Continue to stir the mixture until the flour is evenly mixed with the remaining ingredients.
Now pour the milk slowly and make sure you keep stirring until the mixture is thick.
Add chicken essence and cook your dish for another five minutes.
Before serving, decorate with parsley, rat plum and thyme.

In a large frying pan, cook the bacon slices in a frying panThe fourth cup of butter until crisp.
Upon completion, remove from the fire and place about four tablespoons of bacon grease on one side.
In the same frying pan, mix the flour and bacon grease until they are fully combined.Pour the milk slowly and mix it into a thick consistency.
Next, add garlic and chicken essence to the mixture and continue to stir.
Let the mixture simmer for about 5-10 minutes before the gravy thickens.
Now, break the fried bacon on it and let the mixture cook 2 more-3 minutes.
Season bacon with country gravy and salt and pepper according to taste.

In a large bowl, mix all ingredients except milkFlour, salt, pepper and crumbs.
Mix the ingredients fully to make the meatball dough.
Once the dough is ready, shape it into a small meatball of the desired size.
Clean up all these things with crumbs.
In a big frying pan, heat the oil and fry the meatballs.
After the meatballs are almost cooked, mix all the meatballsFlour, let it cook.
Next, pour the milk and continue to stir until you get a thick white gravy.
Make sure you keep stirring to prevent the formation of the lumps.
Sprinkle some salt and pepper according to taste, then use hot.
While making gravy looks simple, fried meat is also an equally difficult task.Knowing that meat is cooked, there are tips for sight and smell.These are honed and honed.However, every time you cook, pay careful attention to the color of the meat, the aroma that comes out, and try to connect it with the delicious food you have eaten.In this way, you will improve your cooking skills with the help of intuition.It's one thing to rely on cooking books, but when your intuition guides you, you know that you rarely make mistakes.Hope these recipes are enough to inspire you to make a meal that many people like.
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