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how to make a food dehydrator Simple Recipes for College Students

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-11
Take a look at these simple recipes, which are very easy to make, delicious and convenient especially for students.
Many college students who live away from home will surely understand the importance of healthy homemade food, which is replaced by junk or fast food.College students have a busy schedule that just leaves them with no time to cook and to learn healthily --Balanced diet planTo save you from such a deal, I have provided here some simple, delicious and simple recipes that are very helpful.
These shortlisted recipes are basically dishes that you often serve as staple food in the canteen or in the nearest cafe©.The only difference is that these recipes are very easy to make, affordable and hygienic.The only precautions you have to take are to make sure these are prepared in a sanitary kitchen.Be sure to wash your hands and kitchen utensils before and after preparing your food.Clean your preparation area and keep it clean.
Heat the pan with olive oil.Add chopped onions and stir for 5 minutes.Add pinto beans, corn, tomato Ding, water and tacos to it.Boil the mixture.Reduce the heat, cook for more than 10 minutes and stir occasionally.Add the cooked chicken nuggets and cook for another 2 minutes.Serve it hot.
Take a bowl and put tuna, chopped apples, chopped carrots and mayonnaise in it.Mix evenly and apply evenly to two slices of bread.Put tomatoes on each one-sided bag and cover another piece of bread.Cut in half with tomato sauce.
Cut the onions into wedges and put them on one side.Cut the chicken into small pieces and put the lid on one side.Make sure you cut everything with a clean knife.Heat a large frying pan and put it in butter.Add cinnamon and onions and fry gently when it becomes hot enough.Add crushed ginger and garlic when the onions soften.Stir for a few seconds and add ginger powder, chili powder and coriander.Saut travel©Mix for a period of time under medium heat.Now, add chicken nuggets and stir fry.©Mix until the meat is white and the texture is tender.Finally, add ketchup, ketchup and almonds to the mixture.From month to 30 minutes.Add yogurt and heat it for a few minutes.Serve it hot with rice or bread.
Cook pasta as needed (or as per the instructions on the package), drain and put it aside.Heat a large frying pan, add olive oil and cook ground beef and celery.Sim15 minutes with pasta sauce and mushrooms.Stir the cooked pasta, slightly beaten eggs, garlic salt and Parmesan cheese a little.Place this spaghetti mixture in a lubricated pie pan by forming a shell.Pour the other mixture over it and cover the pie plate with aluminum foil.In the microwave oven, bake on the 50 th floor for about 30 minutes.Before serving, remove the aluminum foil and cover it with ground parmesan cheese.
These recipes are simple and nutritious.You can make them for lunch or dinner and eat healthy home cooked food.
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