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how to make a food dehydrator Quick Food Ideas

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-11
We don't have much time to cook because of our busy life.Keeping this in mind, in this Tastessence article, shed light on some recipes that hardly require any time to be prepared.
Now, the pace of our way of life is increasing rapidly.We don't have time to cook by ourselves.Eating junk food has increased a lot for these reasons, which is an unhealthy habit.Junk food increases the risk of many diseases and diseases.In addition, the increasing stress in life has proved to be harmful to our health.For these reasons, cooking food at home is a healthy idea in itself.
According to the instructions on the package, boil the pasta.Now cut the bacon into pieces and fry it until cooked.After cooking the pasta, drain the water.Take a pan, place the cooked pasta and add 2 teaspoons of cheese.Place the cooker on the flame and add bacon.Continue stirring the mixture.Heat until the cheese melts.Place pasta on a plate and add ground cheese to serve.
Take a frying pan and add some oil to it.Heat the oil with medium heat and add garlic.Then add parsley and tomatoes to the pan.Continue to stir the mixture in the cooking pot.After 5-In 10 minutes you will get consistency like sauce.Remove the oil from the tuna and put it in a frying pan.Mix it with the sauce mixture and cook for about 5 minutes.Take a big pot and mix salt and water inside to make it boil.Add pasta and cook in the water.After cooking, drain the water from it and place the pasta in a bowl or plate.Add sauce to the spaghetti and serve immediately.Depending on your preference, you can season with black pepper.
Put cereal in a bowl and add milk.Add grapes to cereal and milk.Then sprinkle the seasoned yogurt on the cereal.Refrigerate the mixture for a period of time and then eat it.
Spread the butter in the bowl so that the eggs do not stick to the bowl.Break the eggs in the bowl.Put the bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds.In the microwave, you can observe the hard white of the eggs.After 30 seconds, the omelette is ready and you can eat it with toast or something like that.
Put the noodles in a bowl and add boiled water.Put these noodles on one side-Let them soak in the water for 3 minutes.With the help of the fork, separate the noodles and water and drain the water.Put a big pot in a hot place.Add chicken in the pan and fry until cooked.Then, put it on a plate and add onions, carrots, beans, corn, celery, garlic and peppers.Mix the water and bok choy in the mixture and cook for 2 minutes.Cook until the beans are cooked.Now add noodles, sweet chili sauce and soy sauce and stir the noodles evenly.Serve hot.
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