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how to make a food dehydrator How to Make White Gravy

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-09
White gravy is one of the most popular dishes in the south, and this delicious article brings you some of the easiest ways to prepare white gravy at home.
In many families, especially in the South, white gravy is the staple food for breakfast.It is used to decorate everything, including chips, biscuits or steak.Usually each family has its own unique gravy recipe.If you happen to talk to people from the south and ask for the best white gravy, you will always get an answer and their family recipes are the best.In this article we will see a variety of recipes for making white gravy from scratch, but I can't guarantee that this is better than other recipes.
You may not believe it, but it is really not a difficult thing to make white gravy.Let's see how to make it the easiest way.
Instead of using animal fat or feces, we use butter in this recipe.So this recipe can also be called a restaurantTypical Southern gravy is usually made up of animal fat or feces.
If you don't like the taste of milk in gravy, then you can try this recipe.There is no pepper in this recipe, but if you like the taste of pepper, then of course you can add a little.
Since you have a fair idea of the preparation process, you can choose gravy based on the supply of ingredients at home.
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