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how to make a food dehydrator How to Make Gravy

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-10
Although canned gravy is easy to buy, homemade gravy is always the first choice.Here are some tips for preparing gravy at home.
Traditionally, gravy is made as a thick sauce that uses gravy and juice when cooking meat and vegetables.Meat-Gravy with gravy as raw material is very popular and widely used.Roast turkey gravy is an integral part of the Thanksgiving meal.However, the use of gravy is not limited to Thanksgiving.There are different tastes in all kinds of dishes.Although gravy granules and canned gravy are easy to buy in the market, you can easily prepare delicious gravy at home without much difficulty.
Save the feces and fat in the pan, which is used to cook meat.Put it aside for a few minutes so the fat gets to the top.Arrange the fat in another bowl.Place the pan on medium heat and pour in the amount of fat you need.If there is very little fat, you can add the amount of butter you need.Add flour and cook with fat.If you eat two cups of fat, you have to add two cups of flour.In other words, the measurements of fat and flour should be the same.Stir the mixture until it turns golden brown.After completion, add the desired amount of drops.Cook the mixture for a few minutes and make it into gravy.If the mixture is too thick to form gravy, add the canned broth until the desired consistency is reached.Add spices such as salt and pepper to eat.
Sausage Gravy is widely used along with cookies.It takes half to a cup of sausage (best fat), a cup of milk and three tablespoons of flour to prepare the sausage gravy.Cook the sausage in a heavy frying pan.After baking, remove the sausage and leave some pieces and a few tablespoons of grease on the frying pan.Add the flour to the frying pan and fully combine it with grease.Stir continuously with medium fire.It takes about five minutes for flour to Brown.Add milk and stir for three to four minutes in a row or until the gravy is thick.Add salt and pepper to eat.You can also add some cooked sausage to the gravy.This is one of the best ways to make cookies and mashed potato gravy.
So, from now on, you can prepare homemade gravy instead of using the store --bought ones.Try these recipes and prepare delicious gravy.
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