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how to make a food dehydrator Food Dehydrators

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-12
The dehydrator is a device for drying fruit as well as drying and curing meat.This article explains what to consider when choosing these devices.
If you like dried meat and fruit, you may know how expensive it is.Drying yourself can save you a lot of money.One of the great things about the dehydrator is that they can dry and cure meat.You can easily make 2 lbs of beef jerky at half the cost with a dehydrator.
You can make your own favorite snacks with as little or as much sugar and salt as possible, and you also know what's in your food.The power of the dehydrator is measured with Watts, which is very similar to the power of the bulb.For example, if you buy a 20-watt pallet device and you only have 500 watts of power, filling the tray at full load can cause the food to not dry properly.On the other hand, if you have a 2-pallet device and a power of 1000 watts, it will cause excessive powerdried food.Ideally you should try to focus on about 8-10 pallets with a power of 1000 watts.
It is unwise to mix different types of food in the same batch.Different items require different levels of dehydration.Mixed food causes some items to be insufficientDid some, a little too much.dried.Under-Dry food is more prone to bacteria, which may make your stomach uncomfortable after eating.
Most of these devices will do what they expect.However, there are some that are more suitable for certain purposes than others.When choosing a dehydrator, don't buy a dehydrator that is too expensive or too big, especially if you don't need these features.Buy a size that you think you need most.Consider how many pallets you will use at the same time.Buy a small device if you only need two pallets.Look at their prices.Don't buy too cheap or too expensive.Expensive equipment may not be suitable for your needs, while cheap equipment may not have enough ability to do its job.
There are two basic types of vertical and horizontal airflow.Preferred horizontal air dehydrator.When different types of food are placed on the device, this type does not make the taste mixed together.Horizontal also provides even heat between pallets.
Vertical airflow devices can be divided into two categories, one is a device with a fan on the top and the other is a device with a fan on the bottom.In terms of heat distribution, the one with a fan at the bottom is the best.The only downside is that fat drops make it difficult for the device to clean.
Size is important depending on how many pallets you plan to use at a time.As a result, some dehydrators have exterior walls that allow the tray to enter and exit.If you happen to use the same amount of food each time you use the device, these are ideal options.There are also stacked pallets available.If you need to expand the size, you can even purchase additional pallets or remove unwanted ones if necessary.
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