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how to make a food dehydrator Easy Meals to Make

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-11
Get some recipe ideas from this article that are not only prepared fast, but also healthy.
» Grape-Nuts cereal -
Skim milk-
Apple sauce without sweetness
Raisins or raisins-
Vanilla extract-2 tsp.
Preheat the oven to 50 F (176 F ).Mix the grapesPour nut cereal, milk, apple sauce, raisins and vanilla extract into a non-stick baking tray.It takes 35 minutes to bake a recipe or until it is firm.Let it cool, cut and serve.
» Eggs -
Cream mushroom soup-
» Sausages -
Croton with herbs-
Cheddar cheese, ground
» Milk -
» Sour cream -2 or 3 tbsp.
Place Croton at the bottom of the baking tray.Cook the sausage and let it drain.Now prepare a mixture of cheese, mushroom soup cream, sour cream, eggs and milk.Pour the mixture over the sausage.Cover the plate and let it stay overnight in the fridge.The next morning, bake for about 75 minutes at 325 f (16 2 °c.
» Whole-wheat bread -
Cheddar cheese-1 oz.
» Fat-free milk -
Frozen blueberries-
» Cereal -
Toast.Mix grain, milk and berries to liquidate in a blender.Put a piece of cheese between two slices of bread and put it in the microwave for 15 minutes.Cool after that, enjoy it!
» Eggs -
» Milk -
» Flour -1 tbsp.

After mixing eggs, milk, flour and salt, fry the mixture to golden brown.Stir the stir-fried mixture to thick.Hot Tomato gravy!
Cheddar cheese soup-
Tomato soup-
» Milk -
Boneless Fish cooked (shrimp or lobster as an alternative)
» Dry Sherry -
Parmesan, grated-2 tsp.
» Dill -1 tsp.
Add dill and cheese soup to the pan and milk, sherry and fish.Stir and let the mixture boil slowly at low temperatures until it gets hot.Decorated with Parma cheese.
Peel and sow papaya-
Peeled and cut kiwi-
Orange juice
Champagne, iced
» Honey -
» Lime juice -
Mix papaya, lime juice, honey and orange juice with a blender to liquide.After stirring evenly, pour into a large bowl and cool.Add champagne and stir well to serve the frozen mixture.After pouring into the serving bowl, put kiwi slices and strawberries on each serving.
Peeled and cut potatoes-
Chicken nuggets-
Chopped celery stem
Chopped onion
Cream chicken soup, condensed-2 cans (10.75 oz.
Sliced processed cheese food
» Water -
Place water, potatoes, soup pieces, celery and onions in the pan and mix with high temperature.Cook until the vegetables are soft.Heat and Mash the potato mixture in the pan to the desired consistency.Then add the soup and stir until smooth.Stir and gradually add a piece of cheese each time until it melts.
» branch parsley broken-
» Hard-Chopped boiled eggs
Chopped small onions-
Cooked cod, cut thick
Cook potatoes and cook well.
» Butter -2 tbsp.
» Pepper -½ tsp.
» Salt -âx85x9b tsp.
Mix onions, parsley, potatoes, eggs, butter, cod, pepper and salt and stir for 1 hour.Make the mixture into a round and flat cake and cover each cake with seasoned breadcrumbs.Stir-fry with vegetable oil and serve.
Chicken breast, boneless-
» Butter -
Lemon juice
Worcester County sauce-1 tbsp.
Garlic Salt-½ tsp.
Mix the chicken and lemon with butter, salt and sauce.Cook with low heat.Mashed potatoes or rice.
Tomatoes, broken.
» Beans -

» Kielbasa -

Simply mix all the ingredients in the pan and heat them thoroughly.
» Egg -
» Gf-
Tomato salsa-
Tortillas, crush-
Cheddar cheese-
» Salt -1 tsp.
Black pepper-½ tsp.
Onion powder-½ tsp.
Mix all items and bake them for a period of time until they are completed and supplied.
Beat the egg a little.
» Gf-
Crumbs, dry.
» Buttermilk -
» Catsup -
Salt Pepper-¾ tsp.
Chopped onion
Mix the beef with the eggs.After that, add a mixture of buttermilk, tomato sauce, salt, pepper, onion and breadcrumbs.Stir well and make a rectangular bread.Stir some flour on it and bake for about 45 minutes at 50 F (176 F.Enjoy your dinner!
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