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how to make a food dehydrator Cheese Ball Recipes

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-10
You can easily make cheese balls at home with few ingredients and great taste.Learn how to please your family and friends with these recipes at any time...
For a simple celebration, you invited your friends and family for dinner.The entire dinner menu has been decided and you know the exact location of the main course.But the appetizers and dessert menu are still pending.About what you can do this time, your mind is completely blank and surprises everyone at the table.Have you ever thought about making cheese balls that can be prepared as appetizers and desserts?Preparing delicious cheese balls will not take up much of your time in the kitchen and you can serve the guests with some drinks.Take a look at some simple cheese ball recipe ideas that will enliven any dinner, party or social party.
Preheat the oven at 375 ° F.Take a small bowl and add cheddar cheese, onion, celery, garlic powder, biscuit mixture and black pepper.Crush the sausage on the mixture in the bowl and mix it properly.Make 1 inch sausage balls.Spray some cooking spray on the baking tray (or apply some melted butter) and place the sausage ball on it.Keep the ball uncovered and bake for about 10-15 minutes later, no pink on the ball.Take out the baking tray and put it on some paper towels.This will absorb any excess oil from the ball.
Platter with sauces of your choice.
In the mixing bowl, stir the softened cream cheese, butter and vanilla with an electric mixer.Once the mixture becomes fluffy, add brown sugar slowly.Mix until everything is mixed.Add the semi-Finally, sweet chocolate chips.Put the bowl in the fridge for about 2 hours.Take out the bowl and make 1 inch cheese balls.Place the chocolate balls in chopped pecans, walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts and apply them appropriately.Place the chocolate cheese ball in a separate plastic package and keep it in the refrigerator for an hour.Before serving, you can also roll chocolate balls into nuts.
Take a small bowl and mix cheddar cheese, garlic, onion and Worcester sauce.Mix the mixture with an electric manual mixer until it is fully mixed.Place the bowl in the refrigerator until the mixture is set.Take out the bowl and make a small cheese ball.Roll the cheese ball with chopped pecans and apply a layer properly.Place the cream cheese ball in a separate plastic package and keep it in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours.Take them out to soften for about 2 hours before serving your guests.You can put these cream cheese balls together with a variety of cookies.
You have it.Your entire dinner menu ends perfectly with appetizers and desserts made up of delightful cheese balls.Enjoy!
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