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how to make a food dehydrator Cajun Food Recipes

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-11
Cajun cuisine attracts people all over the world with its unique and unique flavor.This article lists some of the most delicious recipes you can try at home.
After being unfairly treated by French nobles, Cajuns settled in the swamp Marsh in the south and west of New Orleans.They were then forced to adjust the recipes, including the seafood and wild flavors available in the area, as well as ingredients that could only grow in the swamp.
The most common of all these ingredients are oysters, shrimp, crayfish, Turkey, crocodiles, ducks, chickens, pork, and the most popular ones are turtle shrimp and crayfish.All these dishes are usually rice. Rice is the staple food of Cajuns.Most of these dishes use bell peppers, onions and celery, which are usually fried.©Education together.The combination of these three vegetables is called "cajun Tricity" and is used in many recipes.Most of these dishes also contain roux, a concentrate, which is a mixture of flour and oil, cooked in the desired texture and color.Add vegetables, meat and spices.
A very popular dish.It is usually made from different kinds of seafood such as crayfish, shrimp and crab meat.Gumbo and Jambalaya are also two very popular Cajun dishes.
Make a medium dark roux first.Stir the flour on a medium flame with oil and keep stirring until the mixture turns into a rich chocolate color.Mix onion, garlic and celery and stir fry©Burn on a medium flame for about ten minutes until the vegetables soften.Next, pour the shrimp and boil it.Reduce calories and add lemon juice, spices and crayfish fat.Add crayfish and boil the mixture quickly.Add scallions and simmer slowly for about ten minutes until the crayfish soften.Add seasoning.When serving, put the rice in the mound on the plate and scoop some©Tuffy©Above.
Wash the chicken and put it on the skin side of the plate.Apply chili on the chicken until it turns red.Don't worry that it will become too spicy;Most of the peppers are cooked in the remaining dishes.Turn the chicken over and gently apply it to the other side.Set aside 15 minutes for it to soak.Heat oil with aluminum pan.Season the flour with salt, black pepper, pepper and garlic powder and put it in the bag.Put a few pieces of chicken in the bag, shake well and coat the chicken with a layer.Fried chicken to goldBrown but not cooked completely.Remove the chicken and stir-fry the garlic, onion, bell pepper and celery in the pan©.Add a hundred miles, parsley and rosemary and cook for a minute.
Place the sausage, chicken and some water in the pan and mix with the vegetables.Lower the fire and cover it with a lid to simmer for about half an hour.Keep stirring the mixture and make sure you scrape the bottom from time to prevent the ingredients from burning.After the chicken is ready-After cooking, add rice and stir for a few minutes.Pour beer and water and stir for a few more minutes.Add a little taste of salt.Now keep the heat low and cover the lid until the rice is soft.Constantly stir the mixture and keep scraping at the bottom of the pan.
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