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how to get the most out of your food dehydrator - food dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-09
how to get the most out of your food dehydrator  -  food dehydrator
Dehydrated food using a dehydrator is a way to keep a variety of items for future use.
When you start using the dehydrator for the first time, you need to think about the final application of dry goods in advance.
For example, if you are drying onions, whether they are soup or spice soup, onions should be sliced before drying, while spice onions can be chopped and dried on the herbal screen.
In addition to adjusting the temperature of the dehydrator, this is really all about it.
At temperatures not higher than 110 degrees Fahrenheit, simple temperatures can guide dry herbs and edible flowers
At temperatures of 130 to 140 degrees, the price of vegetables and fruits is the highest.
Fish and meat dry around 145 degrees Fahrenheit.
Please note that meat that removes any microorganisms will need to be cooked until the interior reaches 145 degrees and at least 45 minutes of cooking.
This really shouldn't be a problem because the meat needs to be longer than it is completely dry, especially when making beef jerky.
One thing to keep in mind is that it does take time for dehydrated food.
However, just like laundry, once the food is ready and layered into a drying bucket, you can go away and do other things.
If you dehydrate more than one layer of food, we recommend moving the stacked tray regularly throughout the drying process so that each layer can get even airflow and heat.
The nutritional value of the dehydration FoodA problem that often occurs in dehydrated foods is whether this process will reduce the nutritional value of foods.
Dry foods actually have higher nutritional value than canned or frozen foods.
The key is storage.
Foods with high vitamin A content (
Carrot, Pepper
For example, a dark, cool storage area is required due to light sensitivity.
Dry foods contain some vitamin C, but they contain carbohydrates, minerals and fibers.
One of our favorite uses of the dehydrator is to make beef jerky.
Beef jerky is very expensive in the market, but you can make it more economical at home.
Wait until the beef starts to sell and get 2 pounds round.
Please note that you want very thin meat as fat does not dehydrate well.
Cut the meat into thin slices and then marinate in the fridge overnight with soy sauce, Worcester, brown sugar, salt, pepper, garlic and smoked peppers (
The longer the soaking time, the more beautiful the meat is).
If the meat looks hard, add some tender meat as well. Drain.
Place the beef slices on the dehydrator tray to make sure there is room between the two for air circulation.
Dry at least 4 hours at a height (usually longer)
Until the meat does not break and bend at room temperature.
If you want an ultimate dehydrator to help the kitchen, a Excalibur Food dehydrator may be the first choice.
Practice makes it take a little time to feel the drying time even with manufacturer's instructions.
The moisture content of each item entering the dehydrator is slightly different, which means it is a good idea to check your machine at the end of the planned cooking time to ensure proper humidity.
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