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how to fix old whirlpool and kenmore clothes dryers - whirlpool clothes dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-17
how to fix old whirlpool and kenmore clothes dryers  -  whirlpool clothes dryer
If you have an old Jacuzzi or Kenmore dryer that doesn't work, it can be repaired.
You can save a lot of money by repairing it yourself.
Otherwise, you will get a large repair fee if someone comes to fix it.
You will really save a lot of money if you don't buy new ones.
And guess what?
When you let it run well, it will dry your clothes as easily, quickly and efficiently as many new clothes.
Now, first of all, a safety tip: Make sure the dryer is unplugged from the power supply before you start working!
For easier work, loosen the vent pipe from the back.
This is usually a 4 "aluminum flexo tube that takes away hot air and lint from the dryer when it works.
Now you need to be sure what the problem is or what the dryer is not doing.
Is it running okay, but it's not hot?
Just blowing cold air and not drying clothes.
There are some things that can lead to this situation.
Remove the metal from the dryer.
It is fixed with several "or 3/8" screws.
Look at the wires.
Check each one, including connected to the heat element, thermostat, etc.
Grab the wires and make sure they're all OK.
Use a flashlight or trouble light if necessary.
Sometimes there is a burn in the terminal, so it is disconnected.
This can be easily repaired by cutting off the end of the burn and installing a new fastener at the end.
If the wire is OK, check the thermostat and heat the little round gadget on the element.
This can be done easily by disconnecting the wire and using the continuity tester to see if the current can flow through the wire.
If there is an open circuit, replace it with a new one.
Check the hot elements if they're okay.
Most dryers have heating elements with two terminals.
Remove the wire with the continuity tester and check the heat element.
You can buy the continuity tester at the store for about $15.
You can even make a simple one by taking the flashlight battery, light bulb and some wires.
Weld a piece of wire to the bottom of the battery and the other piece to the top of the battery.
Weld a wire to the side of the bulb.
It doesn't matter which wire.
Weld another wire at the tip of the bulb.
Bare the ends of the remaining two wires.
Your tester is built in!
Touch the two wires together and check.
The light bulb should be on.
So now just touch the two wires to the two heat element terminals or thermostat terminals.
If the light bulb is on, then this part is OK.
If the heat element is not good, buy a new one and replace it.
To remove the old element, you need to unwrap the top of the dryer and lift it up.
This is done by pushing a putty knife between the top and the cabinet in front, pushing about 3 "from both sides of the dryer ".
This will release two fasteners that hold the top down.
At the same time push a flat screwdriver between the top in the front middle and the cabinet.
If the fastener is released, you will be able to lift the front easily and it can be pushed back and placed on the wall behind the dryer.
If the top is not easy to lift, try to find the release clips and push them back with an putty knife.
At the top of the heat element is a screw.
This is all about hot elements.
The bottom of it is installed in a groove to keep it.
Draw the position where the wire is connected to the thermal element and the thermostat or thermostat.
Then disconnect the wire from the heating element on the side of the heater housing and the thermostat.
Remove a Bolt at the top of the shell.
Push the shell back until it comes out of the slot it is in.
Then, if the bottom slot is lifted, it can be easily removed from the back of the bottom of the dryer.
Remove a screw close to the bottom and pull the Heat element out of the housing.
Put the new one in and fix it with screws.
Reassemble the elements and dryer by refastening everything, including wires, back, etc.
Insert and turn on the power line of the drying machine to make sure it is heated.
If the thermostat, wires, and heating elements are all working correctly, then the problem may be on a switch at the top of the cabinet, or even on a motor.
It has a safety switch inside that is connected to the thermal element.
This is to turn off the heat if the motor stops so the clothes don't burn.
If the dryer is heated well but noisy, replace the two bearing wheels that support the drum.
Also replace the idler wheel on the belt.
These can be reached from the inside at the front of the bottom of the dryer.
If the motor runs but the drum does not turn, please replace the belt.
If the motor is humming but not running, replace it.
There may be many other problems with the dryer, but these are some of the main problems. Good luck! Be careful!
Make sure it unplugs before you work!
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