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how to eat like a viking - how to dehydrate food

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-31
how to eat like a viking  -  how to dehydrate food
All the robbery must have starved the Vikings to death.
It's easy to imagine a group of people around the table, greedy after a whole day of looting, devouring large pieces of meat and lifting horns-full of ale.
But it's not fair or accurate.
Although it is tempting to assume that Viking meals are coarse food and carnivores, the fact is that daily Viking meals include a range of healthy foods
Modern people with ideas will applaud.
Imagine, for example, the burly, bearded warrior putting down his sword, enjoying a pie similar to yogurt, or cheering on a pile of fresh vegetables.
Diana Bell Tyson said that the Vikings have a wide variety of food and wild herbs to make delicious and nutritious dishes, and he helped research and develop recipes for the denmark Ribe Viking Center, this is a reconstructed Viking settlement where visitors can immerse themselves in every aspect of Viking culture, including what they eat and how to eat
There are no original recipes from the Viking era, but we certainly know which crops and animals were there thousands of years ago, Bertelsen said.
Digging reveals what the Vikings eat and what they import, such as peaches and cinnamon. âx80x9d(
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The medieval scholar Eleanor Rosamond barracloough said, of course, that the diet of the particular Vikings was severely affected by his or her position.
For example, on the cold, dry Scandinavian coast, fish like herring and salmon provide a critical source of protein, which is usually dried and stored in salt.
This â x80 x9c stockfish â x80 waste it â x80 x99 s the said â x80 x9c. a little like beef jerky only fishy Barraclough â x80 waste said.
It will be a valuable source of food during a long sea trip.
Wealth also plays a role in determining a person's diet, Barraclough said.
In Greenland, Vikings eat more seals, especially on poorer farms, while on richer farms, they eat more reindeer.
The season also determines the daily life of the Vikings.
Depending on the time of year, the food may include a wide variety of berries, radishes, cabbage and other vegetables, including seaweed barley
Flat bread made of wheat porridge and rye is used as raw material.
The dishes are usually simple, Bertelsen says, but there is no reason for us to believe that the food is bland and tasteless.
In fact, archaeological evidence suggests that Viking chefs like taste.
Add ingredients like onions, garlic, coriander and dill.
The Vikings also prepared special food for the celebration of seasonal activities.
"It is said that the boars were sacrificed during the winter Christmas celebration and solemnly sworn on their bristles," Barraclough said . ".
Dairy products often appear in many Viking diets.
After all, the sailors are farmers who are proficient in animal husbandry.
Cattle and sheep do provide meat, but they also provide reliable buttermilk, cheese, butter and other products for Vikings.
Especially in Iceland, Vikings like their dairy products and often eat them in the form of fermented yogurt skyr.
Like today's cheese, it is sometimes available as a dairy superfood.
Barraclough said that Viking legend mentions creamy substances, recalling a legend where a man evades enemies in a skyr vat bucket that is particularly close to the nipples.
Like Vikings, their eating habits are still a source of fascination and inspiration for many people.
In fact, considering the physical strength of the Vikings and the surprisingly healthy diet, would you like to know: will the Vikings diet become the next ancient one?
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