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how to dry lavender for scent and decoration indoors - how to dehydrate food

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-02
how to dry lavender for scent and decoration indoors  -  how to dehydrate food
Anyone who wants to add Garden colors and scents to an indoor flowerpot should now harvest lavender.
Here is what to do . . . . . . 1.
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Lavender before flowering (
Hannah Stephenson/PA)
The entire stem needs to be cut when the flower shows the color but is not fully open. 2.
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Bundle the stems into loose bundles, hang them in a greenhouse or warm shed to dry, or sprinkle them on the tray of the drying cabinet for a few days. 3.
Choose your useLavender sachet and herbs (Thinkstock/PA)
When the plants are completely dry, you can keep the stems on top and use them in the floral arrangement, or rub the buds that do not contain the stems and add them to your potatoes, or make lavender bags that can be used in drawers to make your clothes smell fresh.
A good choice for lavender harvest is lavender "imperial gem", which has a high degree of decorative and aromatic nature and is ideal for planting near a path in front of the border.
Find different varieties (
Hannah Stephenson/PA)
Lavender is an easy-to-grow plant because it doesn't need watering during the summer and can thrive in any well
Soil that drains under full sunlight or partial shadows. googletag. {});
Thick stems and gray-green leaves are perfect for building low hedges on garden trails.
Because there are varieties of white, pink and blue, you don't need only purple.
Old British lavender grows to about 90 cm (3ft)with grey-blue flowers.
Go to "hidcote" and it will give you deep violet flowers.
If you want to change a pink dress, go and find "Lorden Pinke.
Once the lavender has blossomed, give it a haircut (
Hannah Stephenson/PA)
If you decide not to harvest lavender indoors, gently trim the plants with scissors after flowering so that dead corners can be removed to make them look cleaner.
Unfortunately, they have a relatively short life span, and even if they are trimmed regularly, they may start to spread and die over time.
Therefore, pruning is worth it in the summer to replace plants that cannot be improved by pruning.
Spring finishing to improve the overall look and reduce the growth of the previous year to 5-10cm (2-4in)
Just at the beginning of new growth, early or mid-spring.
Lavender is not the only aromatic plant that can be harvested at this time of year.
Collect and dry colorful herbal flowers such as Wanshou chrysanthemum, hyssop, Yangju and dill radish, which will add fragrance and color to your bowl. googletag. {}); -
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