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by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-21
All living things, especially humans, need to drink water.In order to avoid the loss of water inside the body, we need to consume a lot of water every day.If our body is short of water, we will become weak because water will fuel the cells in our body and make us active again.We can't live our day without waterto-Because we are sick and weak.Therefore, it is important to replenish water from time to time and prevent yourself from dehydration.Lack of water can lead to dehydration and even lead to death or life in the worst caseThreatening disease.If our body loses 10% of its moisture and cannot be replenished immediately, this can lead to a coma.Also, if 20% of the water in the body is gone, this can lead to death.We can live for weeks and months without food but without water.That is to say, it is important to avoid water loss by replenishing yourself from time to time.We need to prevent dehydration and keep the body alive by taking water.You can read below several other ways to prevent your body from dehydration or water loss.
1.) Know how much liquid you consume every day.Liquids include drinks you drink other than water.Choose more water than any other drink because water is the healthiest of all liquids.2.Carry a container of water with you.No matter where you go, no matter what time, develop the habit of drinking water to supplement yourself.Before going to bed, grab a liter of water, drink half when you wake up, and the other half.3.) Drink water and sports drinks if you like sports.Sports drinks contain an electrolyte that supplements moisture loss and keeps the system balanced.4.Avoid caffeine-containing drinks and reduce your coffee intake if possible.When you have a coffee or a caffeine-containing drink, you will notice that it is easy for you to feel thirsty and your throat is dry.This means caffeine can lead to water loss.5.) Consume 8-10 glasses of water or more per day.Drink before, during and after exercise or exercise.6.For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, do not wait until the body feels thirsty.Replenish yourself from time to time, especially if you sweat a lot.Sweating too much means that you discharge a lot of water from your body.7.) Teach your child the importance of drinking water.They should drink 8-10 glasses of water or even more a day.Kids are usually active and fun, so it's easy for them to lose moisture and dehydrate if they don't replenish right away.8.Avoid drinking.Alcohol contains components that cause water loss and lead to dehydration.9.) Wear light and comfortable clothing while exercising or playing outdoors.This can prevent the body from sweating too much.Change the wet clothes to dry clothes and don't let sweat dry on your body.Take a break if you suddenly feel weak or dizzy.10.) Practice yourselfdiscipline.Restrain yourself by avoiding bad habits and drinking a lot of water instead of alcohol.It is also advisable to place an Oasis water dispenser in different areas of your home, so that you and other family members can immediately pick up a glass of water to replenish the body.
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