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by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-19
The purpose of yeast is to begin the process of fermentation, that is, the conversion of sugar into alcohol.Active yeast uses sugar in flour as the raw material to produce carbon dioxide gas during this process.The gas is trapped in the dough, causing the dough to rise ...... Give the finished pizza crust a light and airy texture.
Gluten produces a grid of proteins that act as a network and capture gas.High gluten flour produces a closer protein layer than low gluten flour and absorbs more gas ...... The result is that the texture of the high gluten dough is lighter, and the texture is tighter for the low gluten dough.We prefer to make pizza with high gluten flour as it provides a light flaky crust.We use active dry yeast in many pizza recipes because it is practical and easy to use at home and will not expire in one to two years.The yeast remains dormant in the package until it is ready for use until it is activated.When you read the bread or pizza crust recipe, you may see that some people ask to dissolve the yeast in a warm liquid first and then add flour ...... Added liquid.Both methods can be... It's easy for you to do.The process of dissolving yeast in a warm liquid is called proofing.This is a way to "test" yeast that is still active and active before being added to other ingredients.The Science of Making yeast has been improved and very reliable, and the process is no longer needed.Yeast can be added directly to the flour and then warm liquid can be added.I still prove the yeast ...... Call me old fashioned.Really, I'm not doing this because I'm worried if the yeast is still alive ...... But because I found it fast and easy.When I'm going to make a batch of dough, I can quickly grab a pack of yeast, pour warm H2O into a small container, add yeast and a small amount of sugar, and start the activation of yeast.When the yeast is activated, I start to get other ingredients and order the equipment I need.Use the easiest process for you ...... Yeast is destroyed if the water is too cold or too hot.The water temperature should be between 105 degrees Fahrenheit.and 115° F.If you have an instant reading thermometer, if not, use it under the tap to test the water on the inside of your wrist ...... It should feel very warm but not very hot.
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