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how much is a food dehydrator Types of Goldfish

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-15
Goldfish is a common pet with different colors, shapes, sizes and other physical properties.The common fancy goldfish are bubble eyes, black Moor, Comet, fan tail, lion head, olenda, Pearl fish scales and pompoms.
Looking for attractive freshwater fish, you will surely find that goldfish is the most popular.
.Other aquarium fish belonging to the same family include squid and koi.More than 500 goldfish have been identified, some of which are kept as pets in the aquarium.In terms of color changes, you can't believe in the diversity of goldfish.
Goldfish are native to East Asia and may be one of the first known fish that has been domesticated in garden ponds and fish tanks for recreational purposes.Until today, it is the most popularAfter the aquarium fishThanks to the progress of goldfish selection breeding, today we can choose pet goldfish from so many varieties.Different types of goldfish are listed below, and you can consider raising them in garden ponds and aquariums.
Ordinary goldfish lack unique features, more or less similar to wild carp, ordinary goldfish are commercial breeding from wild carp.Unlike the ancestral carp, it has white, yellow, golden and red color.Most other species of goldfish breed from common goldfish.
As the name says, the color of the goldfish in the Black Moor is black.In recent years, more varieties of black Moor in different colors (white, red, printed cloth, bronze, lavender, chocolate) have been developed.Some of these eyes stand out from the head.The black Moor goldfish is also known as the telescope goldfish.
Bubble eyes are a small variety of goldfish, with an unusual pair of upward-pointing eyes.These eyes are surrounded by liquid-filled sacs similar to bubbles.As time goes by, the SAC regathers when it is punctured.In the aquarium, you should keep fish with mild temperament.
The tail of the comet goldfish is long and deep, and it is the most frequently raised aquarium fish in the United States.The body shape of the comet is similar to the common variety, except that the former is smaller and thinner.The comet goldfish is made of white, yellow, orange, red and red.
Fantail goldfish is the oldest breed found in shades of orange and red, and it is still kept as a pet.It has a very long four-tail fin, which accounts for about 33% of the length of the whole body.Longjin goldfish are bred from the fan tail.It can be identified from the hump of the shoulder and the four tailfins.
The lion head goldfish is a fancy breed with a prominent hood on the head and a fat cheek.The short, arched body of the lion head goldfish lacks the dorsal fin.It has a variety of pure and mixed colors.Another goldfish was bred from the lion head goldfish.
Oranda goldfish is characterized by a hood-like structure above the head and four tails.In addition to the mouth and eyes, the growth of the fleshy head completely surrounds the head.Oranda has shades mixed in white, silver, orange, red and white or black, bronze, chocolate, blue and black.
Characterized by thickness and the presence of domesFish scales in shape (like pearls), the body of Pearl Fish scales goldfish is very short, eggsLike the shape of a golf ball.It has a variety of colors.Its fins are of the same variety as the fan tail.Any kind of Pearl scale with head growth is called the Crown Pearl scale.
You can easily identify pompoms (or pompoms) goldfish from two loose, fleshy outer creatures located on both sides of the head (between nostrils.Depending on the particular breed, the ball may or may not have a dorsal fin.It also has a color combination of white, silver, orange, red and black.
Long fins and tails are easy to care for and elegant, and there are few other freshwater fish that are as changeable as goldfish.In addition to the aquarium and garden pond, the introduction of different types of goldfish into the water body helps to control mosquito breeding.
Keep pet goldfish in a bowl. don't put them in such a small space.Instead, you can allow your pet to enjoy a spacious setting in an aquarium or pond.With the right goldfish care tips and attention, you can enjoy the golden beauty of up to 10 years.
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